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Mann Student Council Officers Elected

The Horace Mann Middle School Student Council has begun the school year with electing its officers.  They are as follows:  Imani Carpenter, President; Kyleigh Davis, Vice-President; Secretary, Johsajandi Basilio; Treasurer, Kemari Boykin; Destiny Siggers, Historian; Faith Higgers, Parliamentarian, and Kailyn Jeffries, Public Relations Coordinator.  Soon after, the organization held its first event which was the Back to School Dance getting the students pumped for an exciting school year. Student Council has many activities plan for the school year.  In September, the organization will take part in giving back to its community by participating in the Tacos 4 Life Second Annual MobilePack which will be held at the Statehouse Convention Center in downtown Little Rock.  As you can see, the HMMS Student Council is on the rise and is excited about the many things to come!

Mnn Middle Student Council

Pictured in the back row from left to right are Destiny Siggers, Kyleigh Davis, Kailayn Jeffries, and Faith Siggers.  Front row includes Kemari Boykin, Imani Carpenter, and Johsajandi Basilio.