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LRCH Freshman "App" to the Challenge

Anu Iyer, freshman at Central High School continues her winning ways, proving she was 'App" to the challenge for a conest, hosted by Arkansas's 2nd Disctrict Congressman French Hill.  Iyer claimed first place in the Central Arkansas Division for her app, "Universal Safety App (USA)", designed to help motorists become more aware of distracted driving and prevent potential motor vehicle accidents.  

Winning students are invited to the #Houseofcode Capital Hill Reception in Washington D.C. on May 9, 2020.

Congrats, Anu Iyer - your LRSD family is proud of you!

By the way, Iyer also won a division of the Youth Entrepreneurship Showcase while attending Forest Heights STEM Academy.  She wishes to thank her mentor and former middle school teacher, Ms. Whitney Bordelon, for continued support and for encouraging her to pursue her STEM-related passion.