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Message Regarding New Full Virtual Day - Coming in January 2021

Additional information provided about the fully Virtual Fridays, coming in January 2021, may be found in the FAQ below.  Please check back for updates. 


LRSD Virtual Day

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Why was Friday chosen? 

Answer: Friday was chosen based upon feedback from the LRSD Virtual Day survey and feedback from the Personnel Policy committee.

  1. What will happen on the Virtual Day?

Answer: The LRSD Virtual Day is a full day of instruction. Students will be required to work on and complete assignments in the District’s LMS, Schoology. Students will be able to receive academic support from their teachers. Teachers will be expected to provide support for students, collaboratively work with colleagues, and plan for instruction. 

  1. Will Transportation run regularly?

Answer: Yes, transportation will be provided and operate at the normal times. 

  1. Will meals be served?

Answer: Yes, breakfast and Lunch will be provided. 

  1. Will the CARE program operate on that day?

Answer: The CARE program will operate as normal on the Virtual Day. 

  1. Will extracurricular activities occur on that day?

Answer: Yes, all extracurricular activities and events will continue on the Virtual Day. 

  1. What if a parent needs his/her child to come to school on that day?

Answer: Yes, students are able to come to school on the Virtual Days; they will be supervised as they complete their instruction on Schoology. Transportation will continue to run buses at the normal times and bus stops. 

  1. Will teachers and support staff report to the school building? 

Answer: Yes, all teachers and support staff are expected to report to the school building on the Virtual Day. 

  1. Will the District continue the Early Release Wednesdays?

Answer: No, the Early Release days will end in December. 

  1. How will the A/B calendar schedule be impacted?

Answer: The current A/B schedule will stay in effect. Each secondary class/ course will meet twice a week. On Fridays, the schedule will continue to alternate as an A or B day, so that the District can stay consistent with the published District calendar.