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Update by LRSD Supt. Mike Poore 7.22.20

Update by LRSD Supt. Mike Poore 7.22.20 from Little Rock School District on Vimeo.

 Bullet points from comments referenced in Supt. Mike Poore’s video update above – 7.22.20
We appreciate the work of multiple stakeholders in preparing for the start of the school year, and we know there is still a lot of work to be done.
The school option survey is still open and we are asking parents to share your preference for school delivery – in-person or virtual. These options are for pre-K through secondary grades.

We still have a number of families who have not indicated their preference. Right now, the numbers are fairly tight. That means that more people are now looking at virtual instruction – the gap has narrowed. That tells us that families are concerned, but also means that our social distancing concepts will be easier to accomplish when there is that balance.
We cannot make a selection for you – it has to be something you choose. To help inform your thinking, our Ready for Learning Plan is available on the website.

As a result of the work we have done over this week and input we will receive during our Community Advisory Board meeting tomorrow night, we will work to revise that plan on Friday. Next week, you will see an updated version of the plan, but it should continue evolving, and will evolve as new information comes in and as we gather additional information from you as stakeholders. We need everyone to participate and share their feedback. You may have already done so. But we need your help reaching out to families and friends and asking them to be sure to provide their feedback – giving them that simple reminder is critical.

We can’t stress enough that immunizations need to take place and wellness checks still need to occur as we get ready for the school year.
Please remember that we “can do everything right” – right now. Remember to wear masks, be mindful of gatherings and doing everything we can to stay healthy, including good handwashing hygiene - to take care of ourselves.

Remember to also take time for yourselves to have quiet time, to read or meditate, to help create a healthy environment for yourselves.
We’re going to keep working on this, we’re going to get through this. Your support has meant the world to us. Expect another update next week. Thank you and have a great rest of your week!