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Alternate Method of Instruction (AMI) FAQs

The information below is in response to many of the questions that were shared by stakeholders during the Social Media Town Hall discussion, Thursday, April 23, 2020.  You may view a recording of the discussion here.


Contact Information: List of all schools - phone numbers and email addresses can be found on each school page

Technology Help:

Homework Help:


How were learning platforms selected and did you get input from teachers/staff/parents?

The Curriculum and Instruction department provides lessons and assignments for teachers to use.  A team of teachers reviews the lessons each week and provides feedback prior to them being sent out to the teachers.  Teachers have the ability to modify and make adjustments to these lessons as they see fit to meet the needs of their students.  The lessons are provided as the floor of learning, not the ceiling.  

By utilizing itsLearning and Edmentum, LRSD works to ensure that ALL students are provided with access to equitable curriculum across the District. The choice of platforms was driven by what was currently being used in the District and companies with whom we had existing contracts.  We anticipated a learning curve and have been responsive to teacher and parent feedback to make adjustments where possible.


Why doesn’t the District use Google Classroom?

If teachers were previously utilizing Google Classroom they are still able to pull the District-created lessons into Google Classroom and use it with their students.  The District is exploring options for future platforms and will make changes only after obtaining teacher, student and parent input.   


How much time and at what pace should students spend completing lessons?

Students should follow the guidelines of 60 minutes per day for grades K-8 and 90-150 minutes per day for grades 9-12, with the exception of AP/Concurrent classes which may take more time per day.  If a student is spending more than this amount of time per day completing assignments, they should reach out to the teacher to request modifications or assistance.  Students in grades 6-12 have two units per subject to complete by May 29th.  Students should pace out the work and complete in small chunks of time during the remaining days.    No student’s grade will be adversely affected due to the completion of AMI work.  The work students are completing will be used to enhance their learning and can only raise their 3rd quarter grade.  


Why can’t students have paperwork instead of virtual learning since not all have computers

If any student still needs a device or internet connectivity, they should contact their teacher and principal immediately - both can be resolved quickly.    Utilization of paper packets increases the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus for both students and teachers.  In order to protect the health and safety of all students and staff, paper packets were discontinued.  List of all schools - phone numbers and email addresses can be found on each school page


AMI should not be stressful. Why is this the case for some families?

We agree, this is a stressful time for everyone.  If students are stressed or frustrated with their work, contact the teacher to inquire about modifications or support.  


What is the last day to turn in work?

Seniors - May 12th

All others - May 29th


How will grades be assessed, and how will the grades of students be impacted if they were struggling academically before the pandemic?

The student’s grade at the end of the third quarter is their baseline grade.  Work performed in the fourth quarter cannot negatively impact their grade; it can only improve their grade.

If a student had a failing grade for the third quarter in ANY SUBJECT, they may redo or make up assignments to improve their third quarter grade through May 12th for seniors, or May 29th for all others.


Special Populations, including Spanish-speaking families

How are we working to reach our Spanish-speaking students?

Teachers are reaching out to ALL students via email, phone and video conferencing weekly.  Translating services are available through District staff members.  If a parent needs translation services or support with work, they should reach out to the teacher and/or building principal.  List of all schools - phone numbers and email addresses can be found on each school page


How are the needs of my students with special needs being met? (IEP and Dyslexia)


  • K-12 using itsLearning and Zoom
  • At least one live session per week
  • Recording for those who cannot attend live
  • SPED Services
    • Speech/OT/PT will be offered virtually
    • General Ed. will provide modifications based on IEP
  • Gifted Services
    • Lessons are included within itsLearning for all
  • ESL Supports
    • Translations within lessons
    • Teacher support from DESE
  • Counseling Services
    • Student calls
    • Supporting teachers
  • Student Help
    • Partner with City Year
    • Teacher office hours


Tech Challenges

 What should we do if  WiFi is slow or we don’t have internet access at all?

Check out other options for free/low cost internet here:

Local hotspots are also available outside libraries and school sites.  


We don’t have a Chromebook or there aren’t enough Chromebooks for multiple students in one family.  What should we do?

Chromebooks are distributed at each school site.  Please contact the principal at the school where your student attends and they will be able to help with getting additional Chromebooks. List of all schools - phone numbers and email addresses can be found on each school page


What should I do if my child has technical problems?

Please visit for technical support.

What should I do if my child  needs homework help?

Please visit for hemework health. 

What should a student do if the platform times out before work can be uploaded?

Students should consider composing answers in a word document then copy and pasting answers into Edmentum.  The issues arise from internet connectivity.



What are the plans for graduation?

 High School graduations will be conducted virtually following the original schedule set forth in the school calendar.

  • May 19 6:00 p.m. J.A. Fair
  • May 19 8:30 p.m. Hall
  • May 20 6:00 p.m. McClellan
  • May 20 8:30 p.m. Parkview
  • May 21 6:00 p.m. Central

(We will provide updates on where the ceremonies may be viewed electronically)

An outdoor celebration MAY be held in July if the guidance from the Governor and Medical community state this can be done.



What should I do if I can’t reach my teacher (no one is calling me back)?

Please contact your school and speak with the principal.  If you still can’t receive the help you need please email your principal.  Email addresses are listed on the school’s page of the District’s website.   List of all schools - phone numbers and email addresses can be found on each school page



When can our students pick up their personal belongings from school?

Each campus is setting up times for the pickup of items left at the schools.  The school will contact you regarding the date and times.  For seniors, this will occur during the week of May 11-14, and for all other students, the week of June 1-5.


Summer School

Elementary - We are planning for a summer enrichment academy beginning July 8-21 at four sites: King, Stephens, McDermott and Otter Creek.  Classes will have a 12:1 ratio to follow social distancing guidelines and students will be provided with a rich learning experience.  The instructional day will run from 8am-2:30 pm with an option for students to stay through 5pm for enrichment. Transportation will be provided to and from school.  Any student who will be staying for the enrichment period will have to arrange their own transportation home.  Letters will be sent to eligible students that provide parents with the online registration link.  Selected students will be notified by the 2nd week of June.  

Summer enrichment (SPARK Academy) for eligible GT students will occur in July.   Students will be notified soon of next steps.


Secondary -  There will be NO summer school for middle school students this year.  High school students will use credit recovery that will be conducted virtually.  You will be receiving information from the high schools regarding summer school as we get closer to the end of the school year.


What is being put in place in the event students can’t return in the fall?

Discussions are currently happening about possible plans.  Communication to parents will occur throughout the summer.