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LRSD Boundary Adjustment Recommendations

Guide for School Attendance Zone Changes

LRSD Blueprint

November 15, 2019


To assist patrons in understanding the Attendance Zone Changes being considered in the Little Rock School District (LRSD), we have prepared this simple guide that we hope provides a step-by-step approach to understanding the need for modification of boundaries and the actual changes to attendance zones being recommended.  As you review this set of documents we welcome your feedback.  

Questionnaire Survey Results as of December 3, 2019

Recommended Steps:

  1. To best understand the need and what is driving the recommendations for attendance boundary changes please review the final acceptance of the LRSD Blueprint. The Blueprint can be found via this link This Blueprint was approved in January of 2019 by the Community Advisory Board (CAB) and then by Commissioner Key in February, 2019.  Additional Blueprint links that provide background as well as community feedback can be found through this link.
  2. Superintendent Mike Poore made the initial Boundary Presentation to the State Board on Nov. 14 (also posted below in individual photo format). That PowerPoint can be found through this link.  It is important to review the PowerPoint by looking at the individual slides and looking at the notes page that is attached to each slide.  This PowerPoint will be reviewed and delivered again on Nov. 21 at the Community Advisory Board (CAB) meeting.  It is important to look at the PowerPoint because the Notes page provides the narrative sharing action or justifications.   
  3. We realize that by just looking at the PowerPoint it might be difficult to see the actual changes being recommended. We have created five links to allow you to enlarge the District map to better understand and see the recommended changes.  Currently there is only one recommendation being presented for elementary and middle school adjustments.  There are three High School attendance zone options to review.
    1. Elementary Boundary Recommendations
      Only four schools are impacted by this adjustment-  Romine, Dodd, Washington, and Rockefeller.
    2. Middle School Boundary Recommendations
      Middle Schools which have boundary recommendation modifications include-  Henderson, Mabelvale, Cloverdale, Dunbar, and Pulaski Heights.
    3. High School Boundary Adjustments
      There are three Options to share that are being considered for LRSD H.S. Boundary Adjustments.  All High Schools will be impacted in some form or another. 

Option 1 H.S. Boundary Adjustment

Option 2 H.S. Boundary Adjustment

Option 3 H.S. Boundary Adjustment

  1. The Community Advisory Board will meet on Nov. 21 at 5:30 p.m. We welcome your attendance and participation.  We also will be streaming the meeting live on and the District’s Facebook page - @mylrsd.  The meeting can be accessed by Comcast Channel 4 and U-verse Channel 99.


 Boundary Presentation - November 14, 2019

Opening Slide for PowerPoint


Slide 2 Powerpoint


Slide 3


Slide 4 Pick of Blueprint

 Larger View of this Slide 4


Slide 5 Elementary Schools

Slide 5

The Elementary Attendance Boundary adjustments follow the recommendations as presented and approved by the LRSD Blueprint.  Here are two key changes:

 Dodd and Romine boundaries will be joined together as those schools move to J.A. Fair to become a K-8.  Henderson Middle School will join these two schools. 

The Rockefeller school attendance boundary will join with Washington Elementary.  All K-4 Rockefeller students will go to Washington Elementary.  Rockefeller Elementary will become a Pre-K center.  

 All changes can be more easily seen by looking at the Elementary School Map that is available as a link within the Guide to School Attendance Zones

 Larger view of slide 5


Slid 6 Middle School Options

Slide 6

The Middle School Boundary Adjustments impact the following campuses:  Henderson, Mabelvale, Cloverdale, Dunbar, and Pulaski Heights.  The Henderson attendance boundary has been expanded so that all students from Dodd and Romine Elementary will become a part of the new K-8 at J.A. Fair that will include Henderson.  As a result, Mabelvale lost a small section of their attendance boundary.  

 The second modification for the middle school enhances Dunbar’s attendance boundary.  To the south of Dunbar, they will gain a very small section of Cloverdale’s boundary.  The bigger change is to the east of Dunbar where the attendance boundary is recommended to change from Pulaski Heights to Dunbar.  

 All changes can be more easily seen by looking at the Middle School Map that is available as a link within the Guide to School Attendance Zones.  

 Larger view of slide 6


Slide 7 High s/chool Option 1

Slide 7

These attendance boundary changes will take place in 2020-21.  This plan means that Hall High School will become a total magnet option in LRSD.  Current 9-11th graders will be grandfathered in and remain at Hall until graduation.  In this plan, students at Forest Heights STEM Academy will have preference if they choose to attend Hall High Magnet School.  The Hall Magnet will deliver a unique, rigorous and post-secondary preparation opportunity via programming that will include STEM and Ford NGL components.  

 Little Rock Southwest High School will be comprised of the former McClellan and J.A. Fair attendance zones.  They also will receive students from Hall that have been bussed from the southwest to Hall to receive Newcomer support.  Those students will now have a choice to attend school within their attendance zone boundary.  The new high school will also acquire a small section of the southwest portion of Hall High School’s current attendance zone.

 Parkview will remain a magnet school for the arts and science.

Central High will have its attendance zone adjusted.  

 Option 1 also creates a new attendance zone for Pinnacle View’s West High Campus, which encompasses the northwest portion of Hall and Central high school attendance zones.  It is identified with an ocean-blue boundary on the legend.  This campus will expand to a 9-10th grade delivery next year with approximately 100 students from the newly formed attendance zone who will receive preference to attend that school based on seat availability. 

 All changes can be more easily seen by looking at the High School Option 1 Map that is available as a link within the Guide to School Attendance Zones.  

 Larger view of slide 7


Slide 8 High School Option 2

Slide 8

As with all boundary adjustments being proposed, this set of changes would begin in the 2020-21 school year.  

 All changes are the same as described as in Option 1 with one modification.  In this recommendation the students from the Pinnacle View Middle School attendance zone would have the option to attend Pinnacle View West High School based on seat availability.

All changes can be more easily seen by looking at the High School Option 2 Map that is available as a link within the Guide to School Attendance Zones

 Larger View of Slide 8


Slide 9 High School option 3

Slide 9

This boundary attendance adjustment would take place for the start of the 2020-21 school year.  

 Option 3 shows Hall maintaining an attendance boundary zone and gaining boundaries to its immediate west, to its southeast corner, and to its northeast corner.  All changes are highlighted in green.  

 Option 3 also shares that McClellan and J.A. Fair attendance boundary zones get combined.  

 All changes can be more easily seen by looking at the High School Option 3 Map that is available as a link within the Guide to School Attendance Zones

 Larger view of slide 9


Slide 10  Magnet School Delivery Plan


Next Steps continue to receive community feedback via website community forums december 2nd and 4th Parkview High School 6-73


Final Slide with Supt. Poore's Contact info