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Little Rock School District Aspiring Leadership Institute - 2018

By Dr. Ericka McCarroll

Bale Elementary Principal/Leadership Facilitator

The purpose of the LRSD Aspiring Leadership Institute is to identify, recruit, and groom school-based leaders to assume leadership positions in the near future within the Little Rock School District.  The institute is framed around the newly adopted professional standards for educational leaders which are:

  1. Mission, Vision, and Core Values
  2. Ethics and Professional Norms
  3. Equity and Cultural Responsiveness
  4. Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
  5. Community of Care and Support for Students
  6. Professional Capacity of School Personnel
  7. Professional Community for Teachers and Staff
  8. Meaningful Engagement of Families and Community
  9. Operations and Management
  10. School Improvement

This four-session institute will provide participants with rigorous and thought-provoking activities to extend thinking and practices around the leadership standards.  All participants are expected to be fully engaged, arrive on time, and attend each themed session from 4:30-8:00 p.m.:



Erika S. Evans, Henderson Middle School

Nanette Patino, Baseline Academy Leslie Sharpe, Baseline academy
Erika S. Evans
Henderson Middle
Nanette Patino
Baseline Academy
Leslie Sharpe
Baseline Academy
 Katie Woodling, Terry Elementary  Dannisha Stroud, Forest Heights STEM Academy  Sherri Green, Mabelvale Middle School
Katie Woodling
Terry Elementary
Dannisha Stroud
Forest Heights STEM Acad.
Sherri Green
Mabelvale Middle
April Rike, Williams Magnet Elem Coy Boyd, King Elementary/Fair High School .       Misty Garrett, Rockefeller
April Rike
Williams Magnet Elem
Coy Boyd
King Elementary/Fair High
Misty Garrett
Rockefeller Elementary
 Philicia Bell, Parkview Magnet High  Neresa Williams, Rockefeller Elementary  Hiram Sumlin, McClellan High School
Philicia Bell
Parkview Magnet High
Neresa Williams, Rockefeller Elementary Hiram Sumlin
McClellan High
 Carmen Langston, Romine Elementary  Amy Howard, McClellan High School  Heather Brown, Romine Elementary
Carmen Langston
Romine Elementary
Amy Howard
McClellan High
Heather Brown
Romine Elementary
Joe. Gregory, Terry Elementary Ivey Kelly, Parkview Magnet High School Kelli Bell Allen, Forest Heights STEM Academy
Joe. Gregory, Terry Elementary Ivey Kelly, Parkview Magnet High Kelli Bell Allen, Forest Heights STEM Academy
Olivia Bundrick, Pinnacle View Middle School Pamela Criss, Baseline Academy Don Porter, Dunbar Magnet Middle School
Olivia Bundrick, Pinnacle View Middle Pamela Criss
Baseline Academy
Don Porter, Dunbar Magnet Middle

 It is Mr. Poore’s sincere hope that through internship experiences, mock interviews, and compelling conversations the institute will prepare fierce leaders to boldly accept the challenge to propel the Little Rock School District toward continued excellence.