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She Walks and Sits Alone No More

(September 4, 2018) - The Elizabeth Eckford Commemorative Bench was dedicated this week with its namesake in attendance. Ms. Eckford was flanked by students from Little Rock Central High and community members, who joined her in a brief ceremonial walk to honor her historic role in 1957. The goal of the student-led initiative is to share the stories and honor the legacy of the Little Rock Nine and the surrounding stories with other students and visitors now and into the future. The current project includes: building the bench, creating the mobile app, the walking tour script, and starting the ongoing oral history interview and podcast series. The Elizabeth Eckford Bench is a replica of the original public city bus bench where Elizabeth Eckford sought shelter from the mob that was protesting the integration of Central High School on September 4, 1957. The bench will serve as a visual destination for the walking tour and a symbolic connection for visitors with the story of that day. Using the mobile app, visitors can record their reflections on the story while seated at the bench and share their narratives.