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Important Update for Five Schools Closed Due to Weather

Good Afternoon, Parents:

Thanks for your patience as the District continues to assess and repair damages to our buildings following the recent unprecedented winter storm.  We believe we have made significant progress; however, five campuses will remain closed to in-person learning this week while we continue repairs:

  • Pulaski Heights Elementary
  • Pulaski Heights Middle
  • Cloverdale Middle
  • Jefferson Elementary
  • Watson Elementary

These campuses sustained damage to multiple pipes throughout their buildings, but if everything continues to go well, Cloverdale, Jefferson, and Watson will return to in-person instruction on Monday, March 1, 2021. 

Unfortunately, we do not anticipate the ability to return to either Pulaski Heights Elementary of Middle school campuses for in-person instruction next week.  These buildings, each approaching 100 years in age, sustained extensive damage to pipes, as well as electrical and water systems.  Neither school has electricity or running water.  We understand that our students need us and we are exploring other options for on-site instructional delivery as soon as possible. One campus that is being considered for the in-person option is Hall.   However, we are still trying to work through all of the details. 

Our facilities team along with other maintenance professionals have been diligently working on repairs with the goal of getting our students and teachers back to the classroom as quickly and safely as possible.  We appreciate our parents and teachers, who have been our partners every step of the way this year, during these extraordinary times.  We will keep you updated on developments.  Thank you again for your patience and understanding.