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Urgent Parent Message Regarding School Attendance

August 25, 2021

Attention LRSD Parents:

Please pay attention to this urgent message.  LRSD is mindful of the current challenges related to the pandemic; however, state law requires that students must be dropped from their current schools and the District, after ten (10) consecutive absences.  This means if you have not been officially enrolled at IGNITE Digital Academy and logged in, or physically attended your assigned school, LRSD will have to comply with the law and you will be dropped.  This also includes any students in the waiting pool for IGNITE. 

If you are having any enrollment issues, please contact the following divisions immediately:

  • Student Registration – 447-2950
  • IGNITE Digital Academy - 447-2800 for grades K-6 or 447-6510 for grades 7-12

Thank you for your prompt attention to this important process.