VIPS Online System

If you are interested in volunteering with the Little Rock School District, please complete a volunteer application. If you already volunteer or have students in the Little Rock School District you are encouraged to use this online system.  But, to begin, you must register.

Once you have registered, your username and password will be forwarded to you. Reporting service online is the only way to maintain a personal service record or to qualify for the President's Volunteer Service Award.

ViPS $20 million  impact check

Almost 700,000 service hours were reported by LRSD volunteers in 2023, representing $21 million economic impact on our schools.

Q & A about using the online system:

Why do I need to register in order to use the online services?
When you
register you will receive password access to report your service and utilize the ViPS message center. No personal or confidential information will ever be posted or accessible through the online service options.  Completing a volunteer application is an additional process.

When I go to report my hours there are two options listed for each school in the drop-down box. What do those listings mean and how do I know which one to pick?
Every volunteer opportunity falls under one of two types of volunteer service: administrative and extracurricular support (essentially non-educational) or educational support.  It is up to you to determine which of these options the volunteer activity you are reporting falls under.

How do I add or delete schools from my list? E-mail us or send a message through the online system with your exact request.

Is it possible to submit more than one report per at a time?
Yes.  You may send as many reports as needed, as often as needed, and each will be recorded.   You are limited to 300 hours per entry.

If you have additional questions, contact the ViPS office at 501-447-ViPS.