AR Scholars Presentation

AR Scholars Presentation

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Arkansas Scholars™ is a program that gives students good reasons to do well in high school. Students are asked to meet a set of criteria that will prepare them for both the workplace and additional education after high school. The program is centered on maintaining academic and attendance benchmarks for a broad range of students.  Arkansas Scholars is a program that offers EVERY student the opportunity to succeed! 

There is no paperwork or forms to complete.  Any student qualifies as an Arkansas Scholars graduate if these four criteria are met during high school:

  • Take the SMART Core curriculum recommended by the state for graduation.

  • Make a semester grade of 'C' or better in all high school courses.

  • Finish high school in eight consecutive semesters.

  • Attend high school 95% of the time.  (Miss no more than 35 days in 4 years.

That's it!  If students meet all four required objectives, they will receive a letter from the ViPS office when they graduate detailing their scholarship offer from U of A Pulaski Tech.

Volunteers in Public Schools recruits career-minded individuals to help present this program in individual classrooms to insure all LRSD 8th grade students have the opportunity to review the Arkansas Scholars criteria and incentives. 

Congratulations to LRSD 2024 Arkansas Scholars Graduates! Click here for a complete list.

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