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Jane Mendel 1970s

Jane Mendel Award

The Jane Mendel Award is given in honor of Jane Mendel (right) who led the efforts to establish the Little Rock School District ViPS program. It is the district's highest accolade in recognition of volunteer service. Established in 1983, The Jane Mendel Award is presented annually to an LRSD volunteer whose district commitment expands years of service, demonstrates a diversity of leader-ship roles, and has made a significant impact on multiple schools or the entire district.  

Jane Mendel Award Recipients

D Chambers, A Sanders, B Hayman, B Nichols, R Berry, G Rayford, D Egeston

D Vaibhakar, D Glasgow, B Davis, A Porter, K Allen, B Rutherford, B Kurrus, E Middleton

B Kennedy, Rett Tucker, C East, T Paulson, V Burgress, L Doramus, V Saviers, G Kurrus

P Burch, T Jasper, V Light, C Crass, B Turner, C Chapman, P Barker, M Fox

L Smith, R Qualls, P Abraham, L Conley, H Smothers, D Bass, G Belotti, L Hope,  G Freeman, C Hollingsworth,  D Ronnel, K Ryall

C Kirk, J Ronnel, D Persons, N Matthews

The Champion Award highlights individuals who have provided significant contributions and volunteer services to the Little Rock School District so unique they are deemed a true champion of children. 

Mike Poore (2022)  In recognition of his 30+ year career as an educator and six years serving as the Little Rock School District Superintendent 2016-2022.

Wendell Redmond (2018)  In recognition of his 20+ years of volunteer service during his career as an educator and throughout retirement.

Jason Crader (2017) In recognition of his extraordinary commitment to the district's Mathletes program and his volunteer service.

Greta Freeman (2016) In recognition of her outstanding work and support of the LR PTA Council and local units throughout the district.

Craig O'Neil (2013) In recognition of 40+ years of service to the Little Rock School District, volunteering in the classroom as well as district-wide events.

Mary Ross Thomas (2006)  In recognized of 45 years of service as a district volunteer with a commitment to weekly tutoring.

Coach Clyde Horton (2005) In recognized for his inspiring attitude and ability to teach champion athletes the importance of respect and moral character.

John Riggs, Jr (1999) In recognized for his involvement with Partners in Education and service as an LRSD School Board member and Board President.