• Henderson Middle School is the educational home for over 470 students. As a middle school conveniently located off I-630, Henderson addresses important needs of adolescent students in grades 6-8. Henderson enthusiastically practices interdisciplinary teaming. Students and teachers within grades form teams, which allows for better communication among teachers and parents, as well as providing students important peer relationships. Striving for academic excellence is our essential goal. We will reach our vision and mission goals by utilizing our dedicated and committed staff, students, families and community partnerships, so all students can become college and career ready.  

Attendance, Schedule, Grades, Classwork & Report Cards

    • Home Access Center
      Web tool web-based tool that allows parents/guardians to monitor your child's attendance, schedule, grades, and classwork.  This includes access to interim progress and report cards. Requires an Internet connection. 
    • LRSD Ready for Learning Plan