• Located in the Broadmoor neighborhood, Southwest Learning Academy was renamed to Hamilton Learning Academy in May of 2007 to honor W.D. "Bill" Hamilton, a former LRSD board member (1983-1992) and civic leader. Hamilton was a teacher and served as executive director of two statewide councils under two Arkansas governors. Hamilton Learning Academy is a non-traditional school that provides a positive learning environment and quality instruction to students from throughout the district. This alternative education program will focus on secondary students who are not succeeding in the traditional learning environment. Students will be assigned and may request enrollment in this educational program.


    Provide a safe and structured environment that utilizes innovative strategies that focus on improving academics and character.


    Students will show improvements socially, academically, and emotionally in order to reenter their traditional school setting.


    • Students will show improvements in academics and have passing grades in all subject areas.
    • Students will show improvements in behaviors by increasing their weekly behavior points.
    • Students will show improvements in character by participating in character education program.



    Partners in Education

    • Boys and Men Opportunity Success Team (BMOST)
    • Christian Ministerial Alliance (CMA) Mentors for Young Father’s Initiative
    • Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
    • Zenenvirotech (Hamilton Garden)