About J.A. Fair High School

  • The proud tradition of J. A. Fair community drives us to be innovative, creative and move “ever onward”. The Academies at J. A. Fair High School provide every student with career and college opportunities.

    Three College and Career Academies: The Academy of Environmental Science, Enterprise Mobile Network Management Academy, and The Academy of Sports Medicine, along with a Freshman Academy. Academy-specific courses in technology, environmental studies, and sports medicine will drive the curriculum. Common groups of cross-disciplinary teachers will work with common groups of students throughout the academic year. All academy courses will target hands-on, project-based learning. The Business Industry will regularly interact with the students and teachers. Students will be required to create advanced senior projects designed to reflect high levels of college and career preparedness. We have an in-depth ongoing partnership with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Department of Information Science via the Information Technology and E-Commerce Program and USDA. Year-round, regularly scheduled professional development will be provided to all teachers targeting learning goals aligned with technology. Students will be provided opportunities to gain industry certification and possible college credit.

    J A. Fair has also partnered with the Arkansas AIMS to strengthen the teaching of the AP® mathematics, science, and English courses and to build enrollment and increase the number of students taking and earning qualifying scores on AP® exams in these subjects.. A variety of academic programs (which include 15 AP courses and a Community Based Instruction Program for students with moderate to severe disabilities), sports, club, and activity offerings.

    It is our ultimate goal to provide an environment that is rich in academic and career technology offerings. Students will graduate with the academic and social skills expected to become competitive members in our global society. The Freshmen Academy is a smaller learning community in which first-time 9th graders are separated from the rest of the school and taught by teams of teachers. The Freshmen Academy is focused on helping students make a smoother and more positive transition to high school. In addition to a rigorous academic core of courses (including Advanced Placement courses for students in all Career Academies), each student will follow a career focus of interest during his/her years of high school.

    Our Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program is a college preparatory program that provides tutoring and classroom support for students who have the potential to go to college. Through AVID, students are encouraged, supported and prepared to tackle college preparatory work. Our established Advanced Placement program gives J. A. Fair another layer of academic excellence in our school community.