Medical Professions

Patient Care
Student and instructor making patient bed
  • The Medical Professions pathway is part of the LRSD EXCEL program, allowing intense exploration of careers in the medical field while connecting you with medical professionals and healthcare settings. You learn fundamental skills and knowledge to start now on your path to a career in the medical field.

    Medical Professions Pathway Overview

    In the first two levels of the pathway, you will learn fundamental skills like medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, medical ethics, and basic skills like taking blood pressure and pulse rate. You will network with health professionals from local medical facilities and allied health programs and develop professional skills that will give you a competitive advantage.  You will explore the many careers in the medical field and identify areas that most interest you.

    In Level 3, you decide the focus area that best fits you:

    1. EXCEL Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
    2. EXCEL Medical (CCMA and more) [available to LRSD students only]
    3. EXCEL Pharmacy Tech (coming 2023)

    Earn certifications that will allow you to go straight to work or set you on a path to further education and training: CPR, First Aid/AED, CNA, CCMA, and many other certifications.

    Courses in the Pathway

    Level 1:  FALL:  EXCEL Foundations of Health Care [1 credit] SPRING: EXCEL Anatomy/physiology [1 credit] 

    Level 2:  FALL: EXCEL Medical Terminology [0.5 credit] and EXCEL Medical Lab [0.5 credit]; SPRING: EXCEL Medical Professions [0.5 credit] and EXCEL Medical Procedures [0.5 credit]

    Level 3:  Select ONE Focus Area:

    • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA):   FALL:  Certified Nursing Assistant [1 credit]; SPRING: Medical Lab [1 credit]

      • CNAs work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, home health care--any medical facilities that offer basic care. CNA is often a first step to other medical careers, such as LPN, RN, Physician's Assistant (PA), and therapists.  
      • This Nurse Assistant Preparation Course is state-certified and will prepare students for future medical occupations, as well as, eligibility to be a certified nurse assistant upon completion. Students practice skills that relate to patient care such as vital signs, baths, transfer of patients, as well as, 16 hours of internship with a long-term care facility. Students gain certifications in AR Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) and First Aid.

      • Metro is a certified testing center for the Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) exam. Students who successfully complete the Nurse Assistant Program with the state-required 90 hrs will be eligible to take the state certification exam to receive their certificate as a Certified Nurse Assistant.

      • Once students begin the course, they are required to wear uniforms (scrubs), get a background check, and complete a TB skin test. 

    • EXCEL Medical (open to only LRSD students:  FALL EXCEL Medical I [1 credit]; SPRING: EXCEL Medical II [1 credit]
      • This course is a great way to start your medical world experience and lead you to careers such as Health Administration, Informatics, Clinical Specialties - Dental, Optometry, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Billing and Coding, Phlebotomy, and EKG to name a few. 
      • Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA)- perform both clinical and administrative tasks, which include vital signs,  collecting specimens and samples, patient history, and preparing patients for exam and treatment.  They typically work in a medical office or clinic, urgent care centers, specialty clinics, or hospital setting.  Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to intern, volunteer, and/or shadow in various medical facilities.  You can earn certifications from UAMS Translational Research Institute, AHA BLS Heartsaver CPR/First Aid/AED, NHA Phlebotomy, Career Preparedness, and Business Office Technology Certifications.   


    • Pharmacy Tech (coming 2023-24)


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