Construction Technology

Students building

    The Construction Trades pathway is a part of the LRSD EXCEL program. The program connects students with industry professionals as students work collaboratively on construction projects for real clients. Students develop valuable professional and entrepreneurial skills as they work through the project cycle:

    1. Meet with clients to determine the goals of the project
    2. Create a plan that includes a work calendar, deliverables, and estimated cost for the project 
    3. Consult with industry professionals throughout the project to get feedback and support as they design and create prototypes and perfect designs for the project
    4. Craft the product(s)
    5. Present creations to client

    EXCEL Construction Trades projects have included building dog houses, outdoor libraries, outdoor tables, storage buildings, and remodeling a construction job site trailer. EXCEL Construction Trades has many valuable partners, including Baldwin and Shell and Home Depot. Each year students work with various clients to complete community projects. 

    Throughout the pathway, students gain valuable skills in many areas of construction, including carpentry, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, HVACR. These skills can equip students to go straight to work or to continue their training through college or an apprenticeship. 


    Level 1:  (Fall) EXCEL Construction Fundamentals [1 credit]; (Spring) EXCEL Carpentry [1 credit]

    Level 2: (Fall) EXCEL Electrical [1 credit]; (Spring) EXCEL Construction Lab [1 credit]

    Level 3: (Fall) EXCEL Mechanical, Plumbing, & Electrical Systems [1 credit]; (Spring) EXCEL HVACR [1 credit]