• Culinary Arts

    Industry Certifications: ServSafe Food Handlers and ServSafe Manager

    Chef cooking The Culinary Arts pathway at Metro starts with occupational procedures where students learn kitchen safety, sanitation, the use of major equipment, hand tools and various positions of the brigade system, as well as bakery and cake decorating skills.

    Front of house topics include rules table service, duties of food and beverage manager, sales technique for service personnel, and interrelationships and workflow between the dining room and kitchen operations.

    Back of house topics include identification and preparation of breakfast cookery, pantry preparation, meat and seafood fabrication, vegetables, tallow
    and ice sculpturing, basic food preparation at restaurants and institutional sales.

    Students may continue their Servsafe certification through local colleges. Students will also be prepared to continue their studies at Pulaski Technical College, Johnson and Wales University, or a college or university of their choice.


    Level 1:  (Fall) Food Safety and Nutrition [1 credit]; (Spring) Culinary I [1 credit]

    Level 2:  (Fall) Food Production and Service [1 credit]; (Spring) Culinary Lab [1 credit]

    Level 3:  (Fall) Culinary II [1 credit]; (Spring) Culinary Management [1 credit]

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