• Criminal Justice

    Simulated Police Pullover The Criminal Justice program begins with the focus on Law Enforcement in society. Students are taught the historical basis of the American Criminal Justice System and the place of law
    enforcement within the framework of that system. They examine the impact of constitutional guarantees on the performance of law enforcement and security

    The program also covers Arkansas Criminal and Traffic Law. Students learn to differentiate between criminal and civil law, felonies, misdemeanors and summary offenses.

    They are expected to know the purpose of the Arkansas Crimes Code and utilize it to determine appropriate criminal infractions. A portion of the course deals with the Legal Use
    of Force where students learn the elements of the “Use of Force Continuum,” the difference between the use of force and the use of deadly
    force, and the basic principles of unarmed confrontation.

    Students will be prepared to continue their studies at a college or university of their choice.