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  • Photography and Design Makerspace

    Industry Certifications:Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator

    Concurrent Credit:  UA-PTC

    The Photography & Design Makerspace pathway is a part of the LRSD EXCEL program.

    The Photography & Design Makerspace prepares students for careers as commercial and graphic designers in the fields of advertising, marketing, editorial design, and public relations. This program of study allows students to create digital art and develop a portfolio of work.

    This course is a great option for students who have an interest in art and photography. The course focuses on design layout, graphic design, photo manipulation, and illustration using iMac computers Adobe CS6 Master Suite software package.

    Students will learn to draw basic geometric and organic forms in perspective, showing texture and tone. Students will be encouraged to create decorative illustrations and product advertisements. The Elements of Art and Principles of Design will be emphasized to develop digital creativity.

    Students in Digital Media learn in the printing department as well!  Students learn to operate Ryobi single and two color offset printing presses, high-speed copiers, platemakers, folders, collators, booklet finishers and other bindery equipment. 

    The Printing Department is utilized by all 48 schools in the LRSD to supply most of their printing needs for the school year. For the past five years, the students were involved in printing over 800 jobs annually for the Little Rock School District.

    Program participants will learn the process of creating basic animation in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks. As the students progress, advanced techniques of animation using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Fireworks.

    Students will have the tools to continue into a School of Art at a college of their choice to become a digital artist, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, animator, and game artist.

    Additionally, students with qualifying scores can take the course for concurrent credit through UA-PTC, earning both high school and college credit.


    Level 1:  (Fall) EXCEL Advertising & Graphic Design [1 credit]; (Spring) EXCEL Digital Photographer I [1 credit]

    Level 2:  (Fall) EXCEL Intermediate Advertising & Graphic Design [1 credit]; (Spring) EXCEL Digital Photographer II [1 credit]

    Level 3:  (Fall) EXCEL Advanced Advertising & Graphic Design [1 credit]; (Spring) EXCEL Digital Photographer III [1 credit]

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