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  • The mission of the Curriculum and Instruction Division is to provide curriculum leadership, instructional support, and results-driven professional development across all content areas as well as improve the quality of instructional programs resulting in higher student academic performance.




Departments within Curriculum


    Curriculum & Instruction 


    ESOL - Dr Karen Henery, Director 

    501-447-3377 karen.henery@lrsd.org

    Fine Arts Dr. Danny Fletcher, Director                                                          

     501-447-3344  danny.fletcher@lrsd.org

    Gifted & Talented - Romona Cheneval, Director                                            

    501-447-3392  romona.cheneval@lrsd.org

    Instructional Tech & Media Services 

    Linda Neal, Specialist - 501-447-1306  linda.neal@lrsd.org 

    Taylor, Specialist - 501-447-1307 travis.taylor@lrsd.org

    Literacy  -  Sherry Chambers, Director                                                              

     501-447-3336 sherry.chambers@lrsd.org



    Professional Development/RTI - Dr. Ericka O'Neal McCarroll, Director           

    501-447-1116  ericka.mccarroll@lrsd.org 




    Secondary - Annice Steadman, Lead Teacher 

    501-447-3356 annice.steadman@lrsd.org

    Social Studies  -  Laura Beth Arnold, Lead Teacher                               

    501-447-3398  laura.arnold@lrsd.org


Contact Us

  • Hope Worsham, Executive Director for Curriculum and Instruction

    Telephone:  501/447-1022

    Anita Spears, Executive Assistant

    810 W. Markham St., Little Rock, AR 72201
    Telephone: 501/447-1055
    Fax: 501/447-1060