• Schoology

    Students and instructors at all campuses at LRSD use Schoology, a learning management system (LMS). All instructors at Metro utilize Schoology to connect with both on-campus students and virtual students. Parents and students may access student grades in Schoology. Parents should contact instructors to receive a Schoology access code. 

    • LRSD students should log in to Schoology through Classlink
    • Non-LRSD students may complete the form below to request a Schoology account. Students should contact their instructors to get account info and learn how to log in to Schoology. 



    Blackboard Information

    Blackboard (formerly known as ParentLink) is the communications system LRSD uses to accomplish rapid, mass communications (phone, text and email) with our parents regarding both general district announcements and information particular to individual schools and students.


    Blackboard Login:


    If you don't know your Blackboard code or ID, please contact your school to get that information.  If you are having a problem with the parentlink system, call Blackboard support at 800.829.8107

    Helpful Files

    Blackboard Tip Sheet

    Blackboard Training Agenda for Parents

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Adding information to your Blackboard account DOES NOT update the primary (legal) LRSD records for parents and students. You must contact your child’s school to update your main phone number and your mailing address.