• Bobcat Band

  • The Dunbar Mighty Bobcat Band is currently boasting 97 students and still counting.  Thanks to the administrative support, staff collaboration, and community support, the band actively performs at athletic events, concerts, festivals, and various community events.  We currently have three levels of the band program: Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, and Advanced Band.  Through Beginning Band, the beginner students will learn all of the rudimentary lessons about each of their individual instruments, basic music reading, audience etiquette, and will have the opportunity to perform for the student body.  Through Intermediate Band, the students will continue to perfect their craft as they improve music reading and perform for all school events and some community engagements.  Through Advanced Band, the students will further their musical endeavors as they are required to perform for all requested events and read music to the highest standard possible. Thank you for your interest in our music program and feel free to direct all inquiries to my email address enya.woghiren@lrsd.org.