• Welcome to the Otter Creek Elementary Library!



    Classes are held once a week for 30 minutes each.  Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade participate in weekly classes. During Library classes, students learn important skills based in our new library standards: Collaborate, Curate, Explore, Inquire, Engage, and Include.  Our Arkansas state standards are also imbedded in each library lesson.


    Free Flow & Book Check Out

    When we become adults, we check our books in when we are done with them, and we check them out based on need (either for information or entertainment).  We want our students to internalize these habits.  Free Flow simply means that when they finish with their books, they come to the Library and check them in.  At that time, they check out new books. Students have the opportunity to check out books every week, but books are considered late after 2 weeks.  After one month, they become marked as lost and fines are assessed. Once the book is returned, fines are forgiven.


  • Ms. Sandra Courtois-Lawrence, NBCT, MS, MSE

    Otter Creek Elementary Teacher Librarian

    Office: 501-447-5806

    Email: sandra.courtois@lrsd.org


    Ms. Sonia McNeil

    Otter Creek Elementary Media Clerk

    Office: 501-447-5806

    Email: sonia.mcneil@lrsd.org