• AVID- Advancement Via Individual Determination

  • AVID is an award-winning national program designed to target students in the academic middle who are highly determined to prepare today for success in college and beyond tomorrow.  Each year our AVID Site Team, comprised of staff, administrators, students, and parents, participates in a highly selective review process to identify students from a diverse background to participate in our school’s AVID program.

    Our students are enrolled in rigorous academic classes and have the opportunity to receive support from a highly qualified group of AVID-trained teachers to scaffold their academic growth and overall success.

    Our 7th grade AVID students have a thematic focus on careers and 8th grade on colleges.  

    This year our AVID program has been fortunate to partner with the University of Central Arkansas’s College of Education to serve as a focus site for their research on school-based advisory programs.  Students and faculty from the college will work with our AVID classes to evaluate the effects of advisory programs and their success with various students.

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