Henderson EAST

  • 2018/2019 Accolades


    AAIM 2019 Student Media Festival Results

    Henderson’s EAST program won 1st place in the Live Action  Video Competition for the AAIM 2019 Student Media Festival. The participants were Jeremiah Baker, Olivia Barron, Ajaya Moore, and Raelee Johnson.

    Henderson’s EAST also won 3rd place in the Interactive Multimedia Application Competition. The participants were Fatima Batool and Nevaeh Porchay.

    Mr. Jeremiah Williams’s Broadcasting Team won 2nd Place in the Podcast Competition. The participants were Drayshana Marbley, Chelsea Green, Emani James, and Michael Coleman.



    Garver Chain Reaction Challenge

    Henderson Middle School was one of 100 schools in the U.S. selected to receive a chain reaction STEM kit and a $300 donation from Garver, a local engineering firm celebrating 100 years in business. Henderson Middle School was also one of eight Central Arkansas schools invited to compete in the Garver Chain Reaction Challenge for a chance to win an additional $1,000 for our school. 

    Here is what the EAST students had to say about the opportunity: 

    "When our school wins the $1,000 from Garver to further STEM Learning we will put the monies into great use.  As you can tell we are Futuristic Thinkers and we can see that our future is and will be bright by receiving the $1,000. Our EAST program at our school does not have a budget so we would place it into the futures of our EAST students.  This will give these students the opportunity to advance their technological skills, their artistic skills as well as their communication skills.  Our EAST program provides students with the opportunity to service the school and our community with projects that students deem necessary to enhance a change in individuals lives.  So let us thank you for first of all for giving us this chance to prove to you that we are Go Getters and Futuristic Thinkers.  It was a pleasure working on this Chain Reaction project."

    AND THEY WON!  Click here to see their video submission.


    Additional Accomplishments

    Henderson’s EAST won 4th Place in the category of Best Marketing Piece at the Youth Entrepreneur Showcase 2019 at Park Plaza Mall. 

    Henderson’s EAST team was Finalist in the Fay Jones Architectural Design Competition and the ArchiCAD 2D/3D Drafting Competition.