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  • Welcome to the Baseline Library!

The Spring Book Fair at Baseline Academy in 2019
  • Classes


    Classes are held once a week for 45 minutes each.  All classes are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade exchange books during their library class.  Students in 2nd - 5th grade exchange books in a process called Free Flow.  During Library classes, students learn important skills based in our new library standards: Collaborate, Curate, Explore, Inquire, Engage, and Include.  Our Arkansas state standards are also imbedded in each library lesson.


    Free Flow


    In order to build a culture of literacy and life long learning habits, our students transition to a free flow model in 2nd grade.  When we become adults, we check our books in when we are done with them, and we check them out based on need (either for information or entertainment).  We want our students to internalize these habits.  Free Flow simply means that when they finish with their books, they come to the Library and check them in.  At that time, they check out new books.  


    Book Check Out


    Students have the opportunity to check out books every week, but books are considered late after 2 weeks.  After one month, they become marked as lost and fines are assessed.  Once the book is returned, fines are forgiven.  


    Kindergarten - 1 book that stays at school

    1st Grade - 1 book that goes home and comes back to school

    2nd Grade - 2 books that go home and come back to school

    3rd to 5th Grades - 3 books that go home and come back to school

Students working with a codeable robot called Cubetto.
Origami Maker Space in the Baseline Libarry.