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  • What's Special about the New Southwest High School?

    • The main entry will have glass on the north and south sides
    • Green panels will flank the main entrance
    • Prominent Security Post
    • Prominent Administration area
    • The Admin. Area also contains a “Student store” which will be managed by students as part of the CTE programs
    • A large terrazzo logo will be installed in the center of the lobby with the school crest
    • Large monumental stair connecting 3 stories
    • 310,000SF Academic building



    • Steps will have a wood finish on them
    • There will be a projector mounted to ceiling
    • The large two-story wall will have a marker board surface on it for writing and will act as the projection screen
    • Classes can come together for joint presentations in these spaces
    • The tiers will have power and data outlets so students can plug in/ charge chrome books while working
    • There will be a two-story glass wall that will let sunlight into the lobby spaces

    Special Education Area:

    • 6 CBI rooms even though there is NO state minimum requirement for these
    • Each CBI room is 900SF
    • CBI rooms share a restroom w/ a shower
    • CBI rooms are equipped with kitchenettes and murphy bed for life skills development and smart monitors
    • 2 Speech therapy rooms and 2 OT/PT rooms
    • A Health Center is located in this area which includes exam rooms, nurses office and conference room, triage/sick area and a lab


    • There are 65 standard classrooms
    • Each classroom is 900SF which is 50SF larger than the state minimum
    • All classrooms have natural light
    • All Classrooms have smart monitors
    • Classrooms are planned for flexibility
    • The school has 5 resource rooms throughout the building (state min. is 2)
    • The facility also features various multi-use rooms and multi-use project labs


    • Fully Equipped Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Science Labs
    • Labs are located strategically in the core of the building with a glass wall that looks out to each atrium
    • Students can be seen working on experiments
    • Each lab is 1400SF


    • Two story media center
    • Located in the center “knuckle” of the building so that it becomes a central focus of the building
    • Heavy technology focus
    • The media center will include:
      • A conference room
      • A virtual Technology classroom for distance learning classes
      • A media production room for filming/ recording/ broadcasting
      • The EAST lab is accessible from the media center


    • Many of the school’s CTE labs are located on the 3rd floor
    • (list of labs on the board)
    • Most labs are 1500SF or more
    • There is a large Lecture/ Multi use area on the 3rd floor with a projector and screen for use by multiple classrooms, teacher or community groups
    • The football press box is located on the 3rd floor which will also include a hospitality room (see board)

    School Colors - Green and purple
    School Mascot - Gryphon - mythological creature that combines the head and wings of an eagle with the body of a lion

    mascot on floor of lobby - architectural rendering 

    Topping Out New Little Rock Southwest High School - October 2018

    The Little Rock School District celebrated a significant milestone with a "Topping Out" ceremony for the new Little Rock Southwest High School. Slated to open in the fall of 2020, the 390,000 SF high school will house larger classrooms, collaboration spaces, a 1200 seat auditorium, and an arena size gymnasium, among many other impressive features at the state-of-the-art facility.  The combined student populations from McClellan and JA Fair, along with approximately 300 Hall High students who will be zoned for the campus, will comprise the 2,250 student body. 

    Topping out ceremony for new LR Southwest High School

    photo of building

    The public was also invited for a sneak peak behind the scenes during this latest phase of construction.  More than 200 guests took advantage of touring the massive facility. 

    Guests touring new high school

     In addition to watching the green ceremonial beam being hoisted to the top of the building, students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators, former board members, city directors and community members were able to sign a construction beam that will be permanently displayed and visible inside the auditorium of the new campus.

    Topping out ceremony for new LR Southwest High School 
    A special thanks to Nabholz, Doyne, Carson, and Ace Glass construction teams; Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects; and LRSD's Facilities Department for their support in making the event memorable. 

    News Coverage:

    THV11 – Groundbreaking

    THV11 – Topping Out

    KUAR – Topping Out


    Construction Aeriel Drone Videos

    Video 1

    Video 2

    Video 3

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