Act 1039 of 2017 Reporting By the School District (Ark. Code Ann. § 6-41-606 (b))

During the ​2017-2018​ school year, ​Little Rock School District​ used the evidenced-based ​program​ from the Institute for Multi-sensory Education in small group intervention to address the deficit areas of students identified as exhibiting the characteristics of dyslexia.

Number of Students Who Received Dyslexia Intervention

During the ​2017-2018​ school year, ​1198 students​ attending Little Rock School District received dyslexia intervention services​ from a trained dyslexia interventionist.

Total Number of Students Identified as Exhibiting the Characteristics of Dyslexia​

 During the ​2017-2018​ school year,​ 1198 students​ attending ​Little Rock School District were identified as exhibiting the characteristics of dyslexia​.