March 24, 2005


The Board of Directors of the Little Rock School District held its regularly scheduled meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 24, 2005, in the Boardroom of the Administration Building, 810 West Markham Street, Little Rock, Arkansas.  President Larry Berkley presided.  




Larry Berkley

Micheal Daugherty

Bryan Day

            Baker Kurrus

Tony Rose

Katherine Mitchell

Sue Strickland








            Roy G. Brooks, Superintendent of Schools

            Beverly Griffin, Recorder of Minutes




Mr. Berkley called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.    All members of the Board were present at roll call.  In addition, ex officio teacher representative, Jeff Carr, from Forest Heights Middle School was also present.  The student representative did not attend.




President Berkley welcomed the audience and asked Mr. Kurrus to assist with the citations and presentations. 




A.                Superintendent’s Citations


The Superintendent recognized the Parkview girls’ basketball team for winning the state 5-A championship for the second straight year.  Coach Lahoma Howard and members of the team were present.  Crystal Boyd was congratulated for receiving the tournament’s Most Valuable Player award and for being chosen to be on the 2005 McDonald’s All-American High School Basketball Team.  Crystal is only the second female from Arkansas ever to be selected for this honor.


Crystal was also named the 2005 Gatorade Arkansas Girls Basketball Player of the Year. This award is presented for athletic performance and for classroom achievement and overall character. 


Vicki Gonterman International Studies Specialist at Gibbs Magnet Elementary School, was recognized for her selection as one of two National Peace Corps Global Educator Award winners for 2004-05.


Employees who participated in the Central Arkansas Regional Science Fair at UALR were presented with a Superintendent’s citation:  Yvonne Bolden, Melissa Donham, Antoinette Finney, Stephanie Jones, Jane Meadows, Daryl Newcomb, Katie Parson, Annita Paul, Randy Renaud, April Rike, Annice Steadman, Joy Thompson and Margaret Wang. 


Dr. Brooks extended appreciation to members of Fellowship Bible Church for providing valuable services to the Little Rock School District’s Division of Exceptional Children.  Fellowship Bible Church provides meeting space and use of equipment, free of charge, for in-service meetings; they are always willing to accommodate other LRSD departments and divisions for large group meetings and luncheons.  Pastor Ray Williams was not able to attend, but Shelby Smith was present to accept the Superintendent’s citation. 


Karen Fetzer, Executive Director of The Little Rock Rotary Clubs and other members of Downtown Rotary Club 99, Kathy Jones, Jim Harris and Roy Lamm were recognized for their annual educational service project.  This year they donated 2,000 dictionaries, one for each third grade student in the LRSD, and members of the club took a morning out of their schedules to personally deliver the books to our students. 


The final citation was presented to the teacher representative, Jeff Carr, from Forest Heights Middle School. 


B.                Partners in Education:  New Partnerships


Debbie Milam presented one new partnership for the Board’s review and approval. 


Chicot Elementary School, represented by Jane Harkey, in partnership with First United Methodist Church, represented by Delia Prather


Mr. Rose moved to approve the partnership, Dr. Daugherty seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.


C.                Discussion:  Long-term Budgetary Considerations


Mr. Berkley requested a motion to suspend the rules to discuss long-term budgetary considerations.  He also requested a presentation and overview of the administrative reorganization by the Superintendent.  Mr. Rose made the motion to suspend the rules; Dr. Daugherty seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.


Mr. Berkley provided background information regarding the state’s obligation to pay desegregation funding through 2008 as a result of previous court settlements and negotiated agreements.  The District has been dependent on these funds, approximately $30 million per year, to fund operations in magnet school and special programs related to desegregation.  Concerns that the state may no longer be required to fund these programs requires the LRSD to determine how to best allocate existing funds to remain fiscally sound. 


It was noted that the Pulaski County Special School District had already been experiencing a degree of “fiscal distress,” and Mr. Berkley stated that it would be prudent and fiscally responsible for the LRSD Board and administrators to plan now for the eventual funding limitations. 


At Mr. Berkley’s request, Dr. Brooks proceeded with a PowerPoint presentation to further detail the reorganization and restructuring of the District’s administration.  Board members were invited to provide input and comment over the next few weeks and months as the District evolves into a more efficiently run organization. 


D.                Discussion:  Tax Increment Financing Issues


Mr. Kurrus discussed tax increment financing issues that were being considered by the state legislature.  He explained that the original intent was to allow tax incentives to be provided to make improvements to “blighted” areas of the state by re-directing property taxes into the improvement areas

or districts.  However, the resulting interpretations of the tax-increment initiatives would mean a reduction in the amount of tax funds that would be allocated to the school districts. He urged the audience and listeners to speak out in opposition to the TIF initiatives.


E.                Discussion:  Student Attendance at Athletic Events / Excused Absences


Dr. Daugherty discussed the district’s policies and procedures regarding excused absences for students to attend non-school related competitions and tournaments, specifically those that are held out of state or out of the country.  He asked for the District administration to review the current practices to ensure that our students are not penalized for their participation in these positive activities. 


F.                 Remarks from Citizens


Claudius Johnson addressed the Board regarding conditions and disciplinary concerns in the schools located in Southwest Little Rock.  He thanked Dr. Brooks and Mrs. Strickland for taking the time to visit the schools where the most serious conditions exist.  He stated that problems at Cloverdale and McClellan were not new, but had existed for several years.  Concerned citizens in that area have scheduled a meeting to discuss ways in which they may contribute to improvement in these schools, and he invited members of the Board and administration to attend.


Gearlene Crain discussed problems at the ALC, stating that the school “is not working.”  She thanked the District’s ombudsman for his assistance in trying to help with her concerns.


Dr. Joel Anderson, Chancellor of UALR and chairman of the education committee of the Chamber of Commerce asked the Board to support Superintendent Roy Brooks’ plan to make significant and rapid change in the District’s operations and administrative organization.  He stated that the Board’s action to support the proposed changes would increase community support and confidence in the LRSD.


Carla Coleman introduced herself as an employee of the Valley Drive Alert Center. She asked for assistance in making certain that our students remain at school during school hours.  She stated that there are many fights between students that overflow into the community and cause safety issues for area residents.  She expressed concern for the students’ welfare, and asked the District to make the building principals and teachers accountable for the student’s during the school day. 



Chiquita Munir discussed the proposed reduction of the District’s gifted and talented program staff.  She encouraged the board to maintain gifted programs and quality and challenging educational curriculum in order to keep the best and brightest children motivated to learn.


Sarah Purtle discussed the proposed elimination of literacy specialists in the district’s early childhood program office.  She stated that these staff members are necessary to provide assistance and support to the classroom teachers in order to maintain high quality ratings and a highly effective early childhood program.


Velma Smith expressed concerns regarding accountability at the school level.  She stated that the school staff where her child attends does not make proper notification when children are absent from school, and there are not sufficient programs dealing with students who need extra help.  She felt that many children, not just her own, were being left behind because the school staff members do not show appropriate levels of accountability and due diligence. 


Mary Zies, music teacher at M. L. King Elementary School asked for the board and administration to maintain a high quality music education program.  She related research that shows students learn better and score higher on achievement tests when they are involved in band and music programs.  She expressed support for Dr. Danny Fletcher, fine arts director, and asked for continuing support for music and arts programming. 


Tamara Baker thanked Dr. Brooks for the reinstatement of 1.5 positions in Occupational Therapy to the Division of Exceptional Children.  She expressed concerns regarding hiring contract OT’s in the district, and noted that higher quality service to the students is a result of having our own staff and our own system of accountability when implementing the students’ individual educational plans. 


Bernadette Turner expressed support for the Superintendent’s plan to reorganize the district’s administration.  She expressed concerns regarding the perception that the Board is racially divided on issues that should not be related to race.  She asked the Board to separate the personalities from the issues and make decisions based on assurances that all students will be successful learners.  She asked that the Board move forward as a united front and to make decisions based on what is best for children.


John A. Riggs, IV, former member of the LRSD Board and President of the Public Education Foundation, provided a copy of a resolution adopted by the Public Education Foundation in support of the proposed LRSD reorganization.  He thanked the Board for their service and acknowledged the difficulty of making rapid and significant change.  He noted that in order to make a difference, the Board needed vision and courage, and he thanked Dr. Brooks for his leadership in this regard.


Mary Ann Hansen stated support for the Fine Arts Department and noted that there was a title change for the leadership of that department included in the organizational audit recommendations.  She noted that although change is inevitable, she felt that some of the proposed changes would have a negative impact on the students. 


Debra Moncrief thanked the Board for their courage, as she read the definition as being “the ability to conquer fear or despair.”  She stated that she has four children in the LRSD, and that she was a long time public school supporter.  She asked the Board to show courage, support the proposed changes, remain open and flexible, and keep the lines of communication open.  She said there should be no agenda but to improve services provided to our students so that they all may achieve greater success. 


Cathy Koehler, teacher at Baseline Elementary School and member of the CTA Board, addressed the Board in opposition to the proposal to eliminate administrative positions in the LRSD.  She expressed concern regarding hiring consultants from out of state to make recommendations and stated that the cuts were more than just administrative staff.  She called the plan “smoke and mirrors,” and asked the Board to consider other options.


Cynthia East, president of the ViPS Board thanked Dr. Brooks, the Board and the transition team members for their hard work.  She read the Volunteers in Public Schools mission statement and reminded the Board that ViPS had served the District well for over thirty years.  She thanked Dr. Brooks for reinstating one of the positions targeted for elimination, and asked that the Board and administration continue to place a high value on services provided in the schools by volunteers. 


Cynthia Buehling, elementary music teacher, spoke in support of Danny Fletcher and the Fine Arts department.  She stated that his service to elementary music teachers had been invaluable and that under his leadership the program had made drastic improvements over the past few years.  She asked for reconsideration of the cuts that were proposed for that department.


Susan Underwood discussed the proposed elimination of positions in the homeless education programs.  She noted that the services provided through the LRSD to homeless children and families were funded through the McKinney-Vento Act and other grant funding agencies.  LRSD funds are not a part of the homeless program budget, and that program should therefore not be impacted by the reduction in staff or services.  She asked the Board to encourage a “team effort” to provide appropriate services to our homeless students. 


Meredith Spann spoke for Alice Weeks who had signed up to address the Board, but could not attend the meeting.  Ms. Spann read a letter written by Ms. Weeks asking the Board and Superintendent to continue funding the gifted programs at full staff. 


Kenneth Fisher, a maintenance employee at Cloverdale Middle School, discussed the learning environment at that school.  He stated that there were some dedicated and caring staff members at Cloverdale, but that there were others who were hostile and not working in the best interest of the children or the staff. 


Jennifer Welborn spoke on behalf of the staff in gifted programs.  She asked for reconsideration of the positions that had been proposed for elimination in that department. 


Martha Rodgers addressed the Board regarding proposed reductions in staff of the CARE program office.  She stated that the program serves 1,200 students and does not depend on any district funds for operation.  The program is self-supporting by payment of tuition for those parents who need the before and after school services. 


Melissa Blankenship, parent of three special needs students, addressed the Board regarding positions targeted for elimination from the Division of Exceptional Children.  She stated that in order to maintain compliance with IDEA regulations, the staff should be maintained at its’ current levels.  She stated that there was no way to make these cuts without affecting the children’s best interests. 


John Gerard spoke as a resident of the Mitchell neighborhood.  He stated that residents of that area felt betrayed by the Board and that the Board had “misused their powers” by closing their neighborhood school.


Diane Curry thanked Dr. Brooks for reinstating some of the positions that had been proposed for elimination, but stated that she had several concerns regarding operations at the school level.  She stated specifically that she didn’t feel minority students were being well served by school counselors, and that she was concerned with the elimination of positions that were specifically in place to assist parents when there were problems at the school level, such as the district’s ombudsman.  She reminded the board that she had run for a seat on the board at one time, and that she planned to run again when the opportunity returned. 


John Walker reminded the Board that they were not yet fully released from court ordered monitoring and supervision.  He expressed concern that the Board had only taken two weeks to review the proposed plan for reorganization.  He asked the Board to table the plan and do a more thorough evaluation of the recommendations before taking a vote. 


Melanie Fox expressed support for Dr. Brooks and support for the children of the LRSD.  She acknowledged the difficulties and uncertainties facing the District, but stated that the changes are necessary in order to remain competitive and to make academic success the number one goal. 


Kim Hart, psychological examiner for the District, asked the Board to seriously consider the action item on the agenda to allow the district’s examiners to be represented by the Classroom Teachers Association.


G.                Little Rock Classroom Teachers Association


No remarks.




A.                Remarks from Board Members


Mr. Rose and Dr. Daugherty requested a suspension of the rules to allow John Walker additional time to address the Board.  The Board agreed by consensus without a formal vote.  Mr. Walker reviewed his previous statements regarding acting in haste to implement the reorganization, and stated that the District’s employees should be treated more fairly.  He asked the Board to table action on the proposed reorganization to allow more time to develop another plan.


Mr. Kurrus responded to some of the comments from speakers regarding the perception of a racial division between Board members.  He asked that they move beyond race and understand that race is not the determining factor for every decision.  Student achievement is and should remain the highest priority.


Mr. Kurrus closed his remarks by saying that the Board cannot administer the District the same way that it has been in the past.  School districts across the state and nation will be required to make the same kinds of tough decisions that confront the Board now, and he expressed support for the proposed reorganization. 


Mr. Rose also spoke in support of the reorganization.  He stated that the mechanics of the proposed changes could be different, recognized that it might not be a perfect plan, but stated that he believed it was a good beginning.  He also cautioned listeners that more changes could be expected in the future.  He stated that the Board had hired Dr. Brooks to make rapid change and that implementation and support for the proposed plan was critical to the District’s success.  He said that changes could be expected in every aspect of the education business.   


Dr. Daugherty addressed comments made regarding the appearance of racial division of the Board.  He stated that Board members are supposed to represent the people who elect them to office and that he tried to vote the way that his constituents would want him to vote; that the differences between the Board member’s votes were ideological, not racial.  He said that he was hopeful that the Board would move beyond race to do what is best for the kids and the community.


Mr. Day stated that he had listened carefully to the comments made by the citizens and other Board members.  He agreed with those who acknowledged that change is inevitable and that it was time to do something new and different in the LRSD.  He noted that improvement would never come about by continuing to do the same things that have been done in the past.  He thanked Dr. Daugherty for his comments and stated that approving the Superintendent’s plan for reorganization was the right thing to do for the District’s overall success.


Mrs. Strickland also thanked Dr. Daugherty for his comments.  She stated support for the Superintendent and for the proposed reorganization.  She noted that many of the staff members who would be affected by the changes had been with the District for over ten years, and that she valued these individuals.  She expressed hope that they would keep an open mind and continue to ensure a quality education for the children. 


Ms. Strickland thanked Dr. Brooks for having the courage to challenge the Board to remain focused on becoming the highest achieving urban school district in the nation.    


Mr. Berkley expressed appreciation for the passion exhibited by all the citizens who had addressed the Board.  He thanked the transition team and fellow board members for their thoughtful consideration over the past two weeks as they devoted considerable time to review of the proposed reorganization. 


Mr. Berkley also made remarks on the issue of race.  He noted that although the Board had only two African American members, the District was made up of 70% African American students, and that he and fellow Board members devoted their service to all of the children, not just the children of one race or another.  He expressed appreciation and respect for Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Daugherty, and admiration for Dr. Brooks.  He acknowledged the Superintendent’s passion for children and for improving the academic achievement of all of the students in the District. 


Dr. Mitchell thanked the audience members who had spoken earlier and those members of the community who had sent messages to her.  She stated that she was not against change in the District, but that she did have reservations and concerns about how the process was conducted. She expressed belief that the Superintendent should have waited at least a year before trying to make such drastic changes; she voiced concerns about the selection of the consultants and appointment of the transition team members, and concern for the staff members at the Instructional Resource Center.


Dr. Mitchell stated that some principals may not be prepared to assume more responsibilities without additional assistance at the building level, and she requested a delay in taking action until the people who will be most directly affected have an opportunity to be informed about where they will be assigned in the new organization.  She also asked for an explanation for eliminating positions and services that are funded by grants and outside resources. 


Final comments from the Board included congratulations to District teachers who are participating in national board certification; additional recognition will be provided to these teachers at a later date. 


Mr. Berkley congratulated Parkview students for their performance in the production of Little Shop of Horrors.




Mr. Kurrus made a motion to suspend the rules to reorder the agenda to allow the vote on the proposed plan for reorganization of the District’s administration.  Mr. Rose seconded the motion, and it carried unanimously.




Mr. Kurrus moved to approve the plan as presented by the Superintendent.  Ms. Strickland seconded the motion.  Dr. Mitchell offered an amendment to the motion to delay the vote and approval of the plan until District employees had an opportunity to be informed of their new positions.  Dr. Daugherty seconded the motion to amend.  The motion to amend failed by a vote of
1-5-1, with Dr. Mitchell casting the yes vote, and Dr. Daugherty abstaining.


The original motion was restated prior to the vote:  to approve and accept the organizational audit report as submitted and direct the Superintendent to move forward to implement the restructuring efforts.  The motion carried 6-1 with Dr. Mitchell casting the no vote.


The board recessed for ten minutes and returned at 8:45 p.m.





Dr. Daugherty offered a motion to suspend the rules to reorder the agenda to allow action on item VIII.  A.  Request for Psychological Examiners to form a collective bargaining unit.  Mr. Kurrus seconded the motion to suspend the rules, and it carried unanimously.


The District’s psychological examiners requested the Board’s approval to form a bargaining unit for purposes of negotiating an annual employment contract within the Classroom Teachers Association.  Board Policy HD, Negotiation Practices and Processes requires the Board’s approval. 


These employees had previously petitioned the Board to be released from the Classroom Teachers Association in March 2001.  Fourteen of the sixteen examiners currently employed by the district asked for the Board to reconsider the previous action, and allow them to become a separate unit represented by the CTA.  Mr. Kurrus moved to approve the request to form a separate bargaining unit for the Psychological Examiners; Dr. Mitchell seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.


B.                Student Assignment Report


Mr. Babbs was present, but had no formal report.


C.                Budget Update


Mr. Milhollen briefly reported on the budgetary impact of the state legislature.  He discussed current efforts to raise the District’s contributions to employee health insurance and noted that no decisions had been made regarding additional funding for facilities or appropriations to cover the requirement to provide certified art and music teachers in all schools.  He promised to provide additional information as it becomes available.


D.                Construction Report: Proposed Bond Projects


Mr. Eaton was present.  Dr. Mitchell requested an update on the renovation project at Rightsell Elementary School.  Mr. Eaton reported that it was still in the design and review phase, and that the target for completion of the project was August 2006.




Mr. Rose offered a motion to suspend the rules to review and discuss the proposal on Cloverdale Elementary School.  Dr. Daugherty seconded the motion to suspend the rules and it carried unanimously.


The Board had been provided frequent information and updates on the structural concerns and conditions at Cloverdale Elementary School.  The Board was given a full report, and several possible options for continuing the educational program for Cloverdale Elementary School students. 


Those options were printed in the full report which was a part of the Board’s agenda; the administration recommended approval of Option 3, which would place portable buildings on the campus of Mabelvale Elementary School and utilize eight existing and available classrooms at Mabelvale to serve the Cloverdale Elementary School students.  The existing defective areas of Cloverdale Elementary School would be demolished.


Ms. Strickland moved to approve Option 3, as recommended.  Mr. Day seconded the motion and it carried 6-1, with Mr. Rose abstaining.


E.                Internal Auditors Report


Mr. Becker’s monthly update was printed in the Board’s agenda.  In addition, he reported that twelve of the District’s schools would be participating in the United Way Day of Caring. 



Volunteers from the community will work with the individual school volunteers and PTA representatives to complete basic improvement projects in the schools and on the school campuses.  Additional information will be provided for the Board’s review at the completion of this year’s workday.


F.                 Technology Update


Ms. Neal was present and briefly reviewed the summary report that was part of the Board’s agenda.  Edline training for teachers and parents is underway at McClellan and Central, and parents are very responsive to this program, which allows them on-line access to their student’s grades and attendance reports.





A.                Minutes


Minutes from the regular meeting of the Board of Directors held on February 24, and from a special meeting held on March 20, were presented for review and approval.  Dr. Daugherty noted a correction to the minutes of February 24, to indicate his arrival time as being 5:30 p.m.  Dr. Mitchell moved to approve the minutes as corrected; Mr. Kurrus seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.





A.                Grant Application:  School-Based Tobacco Use Prevention Project


The State of Arkansas and the Arkansas Department of Health issued a request for applications to fund school-based tobacco prevention initiatives.  The LRSD received grant awards in two previous school years, and requested permission from the Board to apply for renewal of third year funding.  If approved, the grant would provide up to $100,000 to be used to implement strategies and activities to prevent students from smoking or using other tobacco products. 


Dr. Mitchell made a motion to approve submission of the grant proposal.  Dr. Daugherty seconded the motion, and it carried 5-2, with Mr. Rose and Mr. Kurrus casting no votes.



B.                Second Reading:  Revision of Policy JE – Student Enrollment, Attendance and Transfers


Several District policies were submitted for revision to bring them into compliance with Arkansas laws.  Policy JE, Student Enrollment, Attendance and Transfers was revised and submitted for the Board’s review and first reading approval at the February meeting.  The Board was asked to approve the policy on second reading at this time.  Ms. Strickland moved to approve the revision on second reading; Mr. Rose seconded the motion and it carried 7-0.


C.                Establishment of a Tri-District Charter School / Alternative Learning Academy


A suspension of the rules was required for consideration of a proposal to apply for a conversion charter school.  Mr. Kurrus offered the motion; Mr. Rose seconded and it carried unanimously.


A proposal to apply to the state of Arkansas to implement and operate a tri-district Charter school for students in Pulaski County juvenile detention facilities was presented for the Board’s review.  The Pulaski Alternative Learning Academy (PALA) had been operated through the Juvenile Justice center, under the direction of the three county juvenile judges.  The three school districts in Pulaski County would collaborate in the operation of the charter program, which would provide educational services to students who had committed serious offenses or who had been suspended or expelled for weapons violations.


The administration recommended approval of the partnership between the LRSD, PCSSD and NLRSD for the purpose of establishing a conversion charter school in conjunction with the Pulaski County juvenile courts.  The LRSD would serve as the lead education agency and would claim the students for funding purposes.  Dr. Daugherty moved to approve the administration’s recommendation.  Ms. Strickland seconded the motion, and it carried unanimously.





A.                Second Reading:  Revision to Policy IKF – General Education Graduation Requirements
Second Reading:  Revision to Policy IAA – Professional


Board Policies IKF, General Education Graduation Requirements, and IAA, Professional Development, were submitted for first reading review and revision at the February Board meeting.  These revisions were required in order to ensure compliance with Arkansas laws and Arkansas Department of Education Standards for Accreditation. 

Ms. Strickland moved to approve revised policy IKF on second reading.  Dr. Daugherty seconded the motion, and it carried unanimously.


Mr. Kurrus moved to approve revised policy IAA on second reading.  Mr. Rose seconded the motion, and it carried unanimously.


B.                Secondary English / Language Arts Textbook Adoption


A committee of representatives from all District secondary schools reviewed and recommended adoption of textbooks for the District’s English and Language Arts programs.  The texts recommended by the committee were listed in the Board’s agenda, and the administration recommended adoption of the committee’s selections.  Mr. Rose made a motion to approve the administration’s recommendations.  Dr. Daugherty seconded the motion, and it carried unanimously.


C.                Memorandum of Understanding – Audubon Arkansas


A proposal to renew a previous Memorandum of Understanding between the LRSD and Audubon Arkansas was submitted to the Board for review and approval.  The M o U provides guidelines for specific collaborative efforts between J. A. Fair and Central High Schools, and Mabelvale and Mann Magnet Middle Schools. 


Audubon has focused on providing environmental science and technology experiences for students in efforts to restore the Fourche Creek watershed and further development of other environmental activities for students. 

Mr. Day read a letter regarding the project proposal and asked for the Board’s support.  Mr. Rose made a motion to approve the administration’s recommendation to approve the M o U.  Ms. Strickland seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.




A.                Request from Psychological Examiners


Action on this item was taken earlier in the meeting by suspending the rules to reorder the agenda. 


B.                School Calendar, 2005-06


The student calendar for the 2005-06 school year was printed in the Board’s agenda and recommended for approval.  Ms. Strickland moved to approve the calendar as presented.  Mr. Kurrus seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.


C.                Personnel Changes


Routine personnel changes were printed in the Board’s agenda.    Mr. Rose moved to approve the personnel actions as presented.  Dr. Daugherty seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.  





A.                Acceptance of Report: Organizational Audit


Action on this item was taken earlier in the meeting by suspending the rules to reorder the agenda. 


B.                Updated Travel Regulations – DKC-R


Updated travel regulations were presented for the Board’s review.  No action was required, and none was taken.


C.                Cloverdale Elementary School


Action on this item was taken earlier in the meeting by suspending the rules to reorder the agenda. 


D.                Donations of Property


The Board was asked to approve the acceptance of recent donations to schools and departments within the District.  The donations are listed in the following chart.   Mr. Day read the items listed in the Board’s agenda.   Dr. Mitchell made a motion to accept the donated items; Mr. Rose seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.







Central High School


Equipment, valued at $589.00 to LRCHS Quiz Bowl team


$250 cash to LRCHS Girls’ Cheerleading Squad


Roy & Louise Gutierrez



Gregg Herming



Metropolitan Career & Technical Center


Assorted supplies and materials, valued at $1,500 to the Paint & Body Shop


Billy-Jack’s Body Shop, Inc.


Romine Elementary School


$500 cash to be used for student incentives


Hunter United Methodist Church


Williams Magnet Elementary School


Trees and six hours of labor valued at $550.


Clayton Johnson and Trent Roberts / Merriweather Park Neighborhood Association in conjunction with the City of LR Urban Forestry Commission




$1,700 cash to purchase Project THRIVE t-shirts


Landers Auto Sales




Assorted toys valued at $200


Cheryl Stanley


E.                Financial Report / Approval of Annual Audit


The monthly financial summary reports were provided to the Board as part of the printed agenda.   In addition, the District’s annual financial audit was provided for the Board’s review prior to the meeting.  Mr. Don Smith, representative from the auditing firm of Thomas & Thomas, was present to respond to questions. 


Mrs. Strickland made a motion to approve the audit report as submitted.  Mr. Kurrus seconded the motion, and it carried unanimously.



X.                 ADJOURNMENT


There being no further business before the Board, the meeting adjourned at   9:30 p.m. on a motion by Dr. Mitchell, seconded by Mr. Kurrus. 






APPROVED:  04-28-05                                            Originals Signed by:  

                        Larry Berkley, President

Katherine P.  Mitchell, Secretary