April 22, 2004


The Board of Directors of the Little Rock School District held its regularly scheduled meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 22, 2004, in the Boardroom of the Administration Building, 810 West Markham Street, Little Rock, Arkansas.  President Tony Rose presided.




Tony Rose

Larry Berkley

Micheal Daugherty

Bryan Day

Baker Kurrus

Katherine Mitchell

Sue Strickland







            Morris L. Holmes, Interim Superintendent

            Beverly Griffin, Recorder of Minutes





Mr. Rose called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.  Six members of the Board were present at roll call; Ms. Strickland arrived at 5:50 p.m.  In addition, ex officio representatives Lenora Nunnley, student at J.A. Fair High School, and Darnell Bell, teacher at Western Hills Elementary School, were also present. 





Mr. Rose welcomed the audience and asked Dr. Holmes to proceed with the presentation of recognitions and citations. 




A.                Superintendent’s Citations


Dr. Holmes presented a citation to Caroline Allen, junior at Central High School.  Caroline is the goalkeeper for the Lady Tigers soccer team, and was recently named the Gatorade Arkansas High School Girls Soccer Player of the Year. 


A superintendent’s citation was presented to Jeffery Trimble, Jr. in recognition of his recently receiving the Youth Achievement Award from the Arkansas Martin Luther King Jr. Commission.  Jeffery attends Mann Magnet Middle School.


Ryan Spencer Higgins was recognized for receiving the 2004 John W. Harris Leadership Award from the National Beta Club.  Only 50 Junior Beta Club members nationwide were selected to receive this award.  Ryan is an eighth grader at Dunbar Magnet Middle School.


The Parkview Magnet School Women’s Basketball Team received citations for winning the state 5-A championship.  Coaches Lahoma Howard and Kiffany Davis were presented with citations.  It was noted that this was the first time the Parkview Women’s team had won a state championship.  Coach Howard was recognized for being selected as the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Coach of the Year, and junior player Crystal Boyd was named Miss Basketball of the Year for 2004.


Coaches William Hardiman and John Kelley were recognized, along with representative members of the Parkview men’s indoor track team.  This team won the state 5-A championship in indoor track - - a first for a team from the Little Rock School District. 


The state spelling bee champion, Anne Ye, was recognized for winning this competition for the second year in a row.  Anne is an 8th grader from Dunbar Magnet Middle School.  She will represent Arkansas at the National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C. in June.


Members of the Mathcounts State championship team, coached by Trela Cook, received certificates of recognition from the Superintendent.  Team members were Sho Mamiya and Miles McCullough, from Pulaski Heights Middle School, and Anne Ye and Peter Liu from Dunbar Magnet Middle School.  These students will travel to Washington, DC for the national Mathcounts competition in May.


Certificates were presented to Susan Garner, Central High School yearbook advisor and journalism teacher, and members of the 2003 Central yearbook staff.  Jessica Rutledge, this year’s editor, was present to accept the citations.  Taylor Publishing Company selected the 2003 Central Yearbook as the overall winner nationwide in the Theme and Design category. 


Representatives of Rotary Club 99, Karen Fetzer and Ron Boyeskie, were present to receive certificates of appreciation for a Rotary project in which every third grade student received a dictionary, and storybooks were placed in elementary school libraries.  The project is coordinated through the ViPS office staff and Debbie Milam, who serves as the Rotary Club 99 Literacy Chair.  


Quiz Bowl championship teams were introduced and awarded certificates of recognition by Diane Rynders, LRSD Gifted & Talented Coordinator.  Elementary Division I champions, from Jefferson Elementary School, were Andrew Manley, Joel Temple, Jane Bashaw, Avery Zorn, Sid Perry, April Terry, Madison Smith, Brendon Holmes, and Trey Finney.  Their coach, Karin McAtee, and their principal, Roberta Mannon, were also present. 


The Elementary Division II champions were from Geyer Springs Elementary School.  Team members included Lakacia Lloyd, Chesery Lowe, Kristin Bell, Jenny Howell, Sarah Kline, Shane Burris, Damion Donovan, and Christopher Rodgers.  Their coach Barbara Hodges, and their principal Donna Hall, were also present. 


The Middle School Division team was from Mann Magnet Middle School.  Team members included Silas Altheimer, Cyrus Bahrassa, Dillon Hupp, Melissa Wilcox, and Jillian Peterson.  Their coaches Bonnie Bumpers and Jason Finney were also recognized. 


The Mann team went on to win first place in the 5A Junior High Division at the statewide competition.  The state championship team included Silas Altheimer, Cyrus Bahrassa, Aaron Campbell, Dillon Hupp, Will Pierce and Dalton Wise.


Lawrence Watts from Central High School was named Most Valuable Player from all of the 5-A high school teams in the state at the Governor’s Quiz Bowl.  His Coach, Lenora Murray, was present as well. 


Certificates of appreciation were awarded to Bill Gatewood and Georganne Cisco from the Old State House Museum for donation of the facility and volunteer services for the Quiz Bowl finals.  Scott Morgan and Beth Collins were awarded certificates for hosting the preliminary competitions at Western Hills Elementary School. 

Students from Metropolitan Career & Technical Center recently participated in the Arkansas Skills USA competition in Hot Springs.  Mike Peterson introduced the students and their instructors, and each of them was given a certificate of recognition for their achievement.  The instructors and students are listed:


Instructor /  Course



Darrell Berry /
Advertising Design

Micah Davidson

Gold – Photography

Erin Richey

Bronze – Photography

State Pin Design Award

Carl Grummer /
Architectural Computer-Aided Drafting & Design

Jeff Merkt

Bronze – Technical Drafting


Jordan Brown

State & National Skills USA Courtesy Corps

Linda Soderling / Cosmetology

Katrina Brown

Silver – Hair styling

Shammeka Starks

Silver – Nails

Chealse McClendon

Silver – Nails

Jakita Bass

Bronze – Nails

LaTonya Rauls

Bronze – Model

Chef Woody Powell /
Culinary Arts

DeAndrea Gooden

Gold – Commercial Baking

A’Nyseian Lane

Silver – Commercial Baking

Steve Averit /
Diesel Technology

Doug Petz

Gold – Diesel Truck

Jonathan Motl

Silver – Diesel Truck

Scottie Elmore

Bronze – Diesel Truck

Robert Belk

Gold – Diesel Farm

Justin Wilson

Silver – Diesel Farm

Jason Bredlow

Bronze – Diesel Farm

James Birtcher /
Law Enforcement

Joshua Stramiello

Gold – Extemporaneous Speaking

Carla Stallings /
Medical Professions

Brian Kelly

Gold – Job Interview

Mitchell Perry /
Printing Technology

Robin Dixon

Bronze – Graphic Communications

Jerald White /

Paul Wilson

Bronze – Secondary Welding

Toby Lutman, Kris Doan, Jesse Delling, Aaron Kubli, Wilson Paul

Bronze – Quiz Bowl


In addition, Carl Grummer / Architectural Computer-Aided Drafting & Design Instructor at Metropolitan received the Skills USA Honorary Lifetime Membership Award for Outstanding Service to Arkansas Skills USA. 


The final Superintendent’s citations were given to the ex officio representatives to the Board for the Month of April:  Darnell Bell, teacher at Western Hills Elementary School, and Lenora Nunnley, student at J. A. Fair Magnet High School. 


B.                Remarks from Citizens


Vanessa Hampton, the Student Council Sponsor at Parkview Magnet High, introduced Derrick Rainey, Reginald Cleaver and Carlton Wamble.  These students participated in the recent statewide Student Council conference held at Parkview. 



Thirty schools from around the state participated in the conference, and the student council representatives were present to thank the Board and the Superintendent for their contributions to the success of the conference.  City Year sponsored a community service activity, the Superintendent addressed the group at the opening event, and Board Member Bryan Day was recognized for his contributions to the conference through the City of Little Rock Parks and Recreation Department. 


Anne Williams, fourth grade teacher at Carver Magnet Elementary School, addressed the Board regarding the attendance component of the PTAS evaluation instrument.  She stated that although she has accumulated 62 days of sick leave, she was given a poor evaluation, below basic, for missing a few days of school during a recent illness.  She and other teachers want the Board to reconsider this component of the evaluation process and to work with the union to come up with a method of evaluation that does not penalize a teacher for being ill or for having to use sick time when another family member is ill.

C.                Little Rock Classroom Teachers Association


Grainger Ledbetter thanked the negotiations team for the cooperative process in coming to agreement for all the various employee groups.  He stated that they were almost complete and that teachers were especially encouraged by the $3,000 stipend that would be available to teachers who complete the National Board Certification process. 





A.                Remarks from Board Members


Mr. Rose made comments regarding the LISA Academy and the recent announcement that the school would be located in the far western part of the city.  He stated that the State Board of Education should reconsider their approval of this charter school because taking it out of the inner city will drastically change the dynamics of the school and the resulting enrollment will have a negative impact on the LRSD enrollment.  He stated that he personally had received three recruiting letters from LISA, and that he is appalled that state funds will be taken from the public schools to fund this private academy.



Mr. Kurrus continued on the topic of LISA Academy, stating that an estimated $600,000 will be taken from the LRSD to fund this private school for the approximately 107 students who have enrolled thus far from our District’s boundaries.  He thanked the two State Board of Education members who voted against LISA, and he stated the ADE might want to reconsider their approval after seeing how they have changed the basic plans from application to implementation.


B.                Student Assignment Report


Mr. Babbs did not have a formal report, but did provide the list of names recommended to serve on the Student Assignment Committee.  He will contact all of these individuals and coordinate a meeting to begin the process of reviewing the current attendance zones and school assignment policies and procedures.  Dr. Daugherty has been asked to co-chair as the Board’s representative on the committee.


C.                Budget Update


Dr. Stewart was present, but had nothing to report.


D.                Construction Report: Proposed Bond Projects


Mr. Eaton reviewed the written report provided by Mr. Goodman and printed in the Board’s agenda.


E.                Internal Auditors Report


Mr. Becker was present and noted that his report was printed in the agenda. 

He reported that the recent United Way Day of Caring had resulted in community service projects at eight of our schools. 


F.                 Technology Update


Ms. Neal highlighted topics printed in the report provided for the agenda.  The Technology Center is scheduled to open in June, and Board members were invited to tour at their convenience.  Two professional development days are scheduled next week, and staff will be involved in computer training on those days, teachers as well as administrators and other staff.


G.                OCR Compliance Review


Karen Broadnax, ESL Supervisor, provided a written report for the Board’s review and approval.  The findings of the OCR review and investigation were printed in the agenda, and evidence was included indicating that the District had satisfactorily fulfilled the terms of the Commitment to Resolve. 


Mr. Day made a motion to accept the report as presented.  Dr. Mitchell seconded the motion, and it carried unanimously.




A.                Minutes


Minutes from the regular meeting of the Board of Directors held on March 25, and from a special meeting held on April 8, 2004, were presented for review and approval.   There were no corrections noted and the minutes were approved as submitted. 


B.                 Personnel Changes


Routine personnel changes were printed in the Board’s agenda.  Dr. Holmes recommended approval.   Mr. Kurrus made the motion to approve the changes; Mr. Berkley seconded the motion, and it carried unanimously.



VI.               SCHOOL SERVICES


A.              Summer Educational Programs


Dennis Glasgow reviewed a proposal for providing summer enrichment programs on a pilot basis to students who need reinforcement of basic skills, and for students who need credit recovery for failing courses in secondary school.  The District is challenged to find a variety of educational opportunities for student enrichment. 


Mr. Glasgow reviewed the RFP and explained the recent state legislation that requires the District to offer free credit recovery courses for those students who are in the free and reduced lunch socio-economic status. 


Since budgetary requirements were still unknown, Mr. Day made a motion to table.  Dr. Daugherty seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.






A.             Regulation:  GBEA-R – Conflict of Interest


An explanation of the requirements for compliance with Arkansas statute 6-24-101, Act 1599 of 2001, was provided in the Board’s agenda.  Mr. Paradis presented the regulations to implement our compliance.  No vote was required. 

B.             Request for Dedication of Right of Way:  Parkview Magnet High School


Mr. Eaton provided a request to dedicate to the City of Little Rock a right-of-way easement on 26th Street near Parkview High School to fulfill the requirement of a conditional use permit.  This easement is on the east side of the campus and will not detract in any way from the operations of the school.  Street and drainage improvements will be made in this area, and will benefit access and traffic around the school property.


Mr. Day moved to approve the right of way easement; Mr. Berkley seconded the motion.  It carried unanimously.


C.             Donations of Property


The Board was asked to approve the acceptance of recent donations to schools and Departments within the District.  The donations are listed in the following chart.  Student ex officio, Lenora Nunnley, read the items listed in the Board’s agenda.  Dr. Mitchell made a motion to accept the donated items;
Ms. Strickland seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.






Central High School


$848.00 for bus expenses for 9th grade students to attend a production of Romeo & Juliet at the Repertory Theatre


The novel, “Bleachers,” by author John Grisham to each member of the Tiger Football Team.  Total value of the donation, $1,603.49


Leslie Golden and Susan Nichols
Arkansas Repertory Theatre




Kevin Crass of the Friday, Eldredge & Clark Law Firm


Cloverdale Magnet Middle School


Burger coupons, valued at approximately $500.00 to be used as student incentives


A framed oil painting of the school, valued at approximately $350.00, to be hung in the front office


McDonalds, RCN Enterprises, Inc.




Mr. Carey Hilburn









Mabelvale Magnet Middle School


Seven computer tables and a portable AV computer station for the technology center of the new library.  Total value approximately $1,400.


Fidelity Information Services, Inc.
through Becky Bowling




Assorted office furniture and a Canon typewriter, valued at approximately $100.


Two Mark 100 AF Metal/Weapon Detection Systems with an extra control module, valued at approximately $7,500.


Mark Ross, Ross & Ross, PA




Little Rock National Airport


D.             Financial Report


The monthly financial summary reports were provided to the Board as part of the printed agenda.  Dr. Stewart was present to review the reports and respond to questions. 




The Superintendent briefly reviewed upcoming events as printed in the District’s calendar.  


IX.               ADJOURNMENT


There being no further business before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.  






APPROVED:  _    05-20-04       __                                Originals Signed by:  

                        Tony Rose, President

R. Micheal Daugherty, Secretary