March 10, 2005


The Board of Directors of the Little Rock School District held a special meeting in conjunction with the regularly scheduled agenda meeting on Thursday, March 10, 2005, in the Boardroom of the Administration Building, 810 West Markham Street, Little Rock, Arkansas.  Vice-president Mike Daugherty presided.




Larry Berkley

Micheal Daugherty

Katherine Mitchell

Bryan Day

            Baker Kurrus

Tony Rose

Sue Strickland








            Roy G. Brooks, Superintendent of Schools

            Beverly Griffin, Recorder of Minutes




Mr. Berkley called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.    All members of the board were present at roll call.  In addition, Jeff Carr, teacher ex officio representative from Forest Heights Middle School, was also present. 




The agenda for the special meeting listed two items for the Board’s review and consideration.   


A.     Personnel:  Appointment of Assistant Principal


B.     Presentation:  Organizational Audit / Review of Recommendations


C.    Student Hearing





A.      Appointment of Assistant Principal – Forest Heights Middle School


The superintendent presented a recommendation to appoint Betty Mosley as the assistant principal at Forest Heights Middle School.  Ms. Strickland made a motion to approve the recommendation.  Dr. Daugherty seconded the motion and it carried 6-1, with Dr. Mitchell casting the “no” vote.


B.    Presentation:  Organizational Audit / Review of Recommendations


Dr. Brooks introduced Mr. Bob Klempen, Dr. Dennis Smith and Dr. Leland Newcomer, members of the organizational audit team that compiled the recommendations for restructuring the LRSD. 


Dr. Smith provided a PowerPoint overview of their report and described the process used to determine how to best consolidate the District’s administrative staff and reduce the number of positions at the central office level. 


The District’s internal audit team provided information during the process that was used by the auditors to develop the blueprint for change.  Dr. Smith thanked them for the time they dedicated to this endeavor, and introduced them to the audience:  Dr. Sadie Mitchell, Mark Milhollen, Beverly Williams, Olivine Roberts, Karen DeJarnette, and Suellen Vann. 


Board members were provided an opportunity to ask questions and state their concerns.  Mr. Berkley then asked the Board for a motion to suspend the rules in order to hear public comment.  Mr. Rose made the motion, Dr. Daugherty seconded, and it carried unanimously.


Dr. Mary Good from UALR, Donaghey College, addressed the board in support of the organizational audit.  She noted that it was healthy to have outside eyes to review what is being done in an organization in order to gain the proper perspective for change.  In her view, the restructuring would provide additional resources for students.


Daniel Smythe, J. A. Fair Band Director, stated that discipline is a problem at Fair and that the assistant principals at that school are not taking responsibility consistently to make improvements.  He noted that these individuals do not follow the student handbook when sanctioning students for misbehavior.


Russ Carter introduced himself as a parent.  He stated that he was pleased that the Board is making positive changes and would appreciate the opportunity to provide input once he has had a chance to see the plan in greater detail.


Tracy Smith addressed the Board regarding problems she had experienced when trying to get an instructional aide assigned to her child’s classroom.  She thanked James Washington, District’s Ombudsman, for assisting her with problems at Henderson Middle School.


Sharon Nelson spoke in support of Tracy Smith, and problems experienced with the special education classroom at Henderson.  She stated that it had become an extreme problem trying to have the students’ IEP implemented.   


Annie Abrams cautioned the Board that “Corporate America” had come to the LRSD.  She stated that she would pray for Dr. Brooks and that he had become a victim of the system. 


Phillip Wilson, teacher at Parkview, asked the Board to take a look at the support structures for teachers during the upcoming reorganization and to maintain the assistance provided by the Math and Science specialists.  He stated specific support for Marcelline Carr and Vanessa Cleaver. 


Dale Lamotte stated concerns regarding the resources and programs at Parkview Magnet School.  His student has been diagnosed with ADD and was retained without proper notifications.  He felt that his child’s rights had been violated and he thanked James Washington, Linda Watson, and Katherine Mitchell for their assistance in getting his son assigned to the ACC program.  Through that assistance, he would be able to catch up and graduate with his class. 


Merrily Low stated that she didn’t quite understand how the reorganization would help student achievement and that she and others still had a lot of questions. 


Lillie Teague expressed concerns regarding middle school students who are assigned to the ALC.   Parents are having trouble understanding what the system has to offer their children and what they can do to help. 


The board recessed at 7:15 p.m. to conduct the agenda meeting, and reconvened at 7:45 p.m. for a student disciplinary hearing. 


C.    Student Hearing


Dr. Watson provided background information related to an expulsion recommendation for a student.  The student and his father appeared before the Board to appeal the hearing officer’s recommendation for placement at the Alternative Learning Center. 


The student attended Hall High School and was recommended for expulsion on January 19, 2005, for physically assaulting a staff member.  The teacher attended the appeal hearing and provided responses to questions from the Board.  In addition, the assistant principal who filed the administrative report regarding the incident was also present. 


The student admitted to having radio headphones on during class, and admitted that he refused to turn the headphones over to the teacher when requested.  He admitted shoving the teacher from the doorway of the classroom when the teacher was attempting to keep him in the room until security arrived.


Dr. Watson recommended placement at the ALC for the remainder of the 2004-05 school year and the first semester of the 2005-06 school year.  Based on his grades and behavior, he would be eligible for placement in a regular school at semester of the 2005-06 school year. 


Mr. Kurrus moved to approve the administration’s recommendation for placement and services through the Alternative Learning Center.  Ms. Strickland seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.



IV.               ADJOURNMENT


There being no further business before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m. on a motion by Mr. Day, seconded by Mr. Rose.





APPROVED:  03-24-05                                           Originals Signed by:  

                        Larry Berkley, President

Katherine P.  Mitchell, Secretary