• What is School-Based Mental Health


    School-based mental health services include the provision of mental health services, support, and treatment options in the school setting. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, one in five children and adolescents experience a mental health problem during their school years. The Little Rock School District partners with behavioral health agencies, staffed by therapists, social workers, and other health professionals, to increase the accessibility of mental health support services and treatment options. Our partners have developed and integrated comprehensive support plans to ensure the delivery of districtwide quality mental health services to students and families.


    LRSD provides the following types of mental health services: screening and assessment, behavior management, case management, crisis intervention, individual counseling, group interventions, medication management, and family support services. We are committed to ensuring that LRSD students are supported in the environment where they spend the majority of their days.


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