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    Compensation Study Updates and Information

    Work-In-Progress Updates

    The Little Rock School District released a comprehensive classification and compensation study at the end of the 2019-20 school year. This website provides work-in-progress updates regarding the compensation study. Rightsizing the Little Rock School includes improving wage and salary programs for all employees based on the administrative practices established for the District.

    The Human Resources Department determines the correct compensation for all employees and is charged with certifying that all other are compensated correctly. We welcome input from employees. The Human Resources Department is responsible for delivering excellent customer service to all stakeholders, accurately, and timely addressing the needs of more than 3,400 LRSD employees. Please review the compensation updates and information listed below.  

    Human Resources Department



    We aspire to recruit and retain a diverse workforce dedicated to excellence, continuous improvement, and working as a team to make LRSD the institution of choice for students, parents, and educators.



    Through strategic partnerships and collaboration, the Human Resources Department supports the mission of Little Rock School District providing efficient and solution-focused services for maximizing individual potential, increasing organizational capacity, and positioning Little Rock School District as an employer of choice! 

    We advocate a work environment where the contribution of each employee is recognized and where every individual is treated fairly and equitably.



    Keep it Moving!



    Inquiries regarding the compensation study may be e-mailed to human.resources@lrsd.org.