• Dear Parents:

    Please share the below Little Rock School District’s 2019-2020 dress code with your child/children.  The below information has been taken from the Student Handbook which will be released prior to the new school year. We want to give you plenty of time to know and then shop for appropriate attire for your Lion.

    Parents, please know how hard we have tried to work with our students on their wardrobe. Some of our young ladies’ shorts and skirts were inappropriate. When backpacks were worn on their backs, shorts and skirts got shorter.  So, no short shorts nor short skirts. The midriff and off the shoulder tops are also off limits. They have always been out of compliance and have become a huge problem.  Our young men are again asked to always wear shirts with sleeves. See below expectations.

    It is important that students dress appropriately for school. This is not the beach, the water park or a picnic. We are working on teaching our students a life lesson about the selection of suitable attire depending upon the occasion. We do not want to have to call parents during the school day to bring clothes to school. We would appreciate your support in checking on your child’s daily wardrobe.

    Thank you,

    Antony Hobbs, Principal 


    Dress Code (from Student Handbook)

    Students are prohibited from wearing clothing that exposes underwear, buttocks and breasts while on school grounds during the school day and at school sponsored events.

    Student dress and grooming is the responsibility of the student and his/her parent/guardian(s).  When a student’s dress or grooming disrupts the learning process, the principal or his/her designee has the responsibility to take action.

    The following guidelines are to be used in determining appropriate dress and grooming in the school environment:

    • Dress and grooming is to be in keeping with health, safety, and sanitary practices.
    • Students may not wear clothing or hairstyles that can be hazardous in educational activities such as lab, shop, physical education or art classes.           
    • Shoes must be worn as required by law: slippers, Heelys (skate shoes) and similar footwear are inappropriate for school and are not to be worn.
    • Clothing and accessories are not to substantially disrupt the education process.
    • Students are not to wear clothing, buttons, patches, jewelry or any other items with words, phrases, symbols, pictures or signs that are indecent, profane, suggestive, inflammatory or that have negative overtones that appear to be derogatory or discriminatory.
    • Students are not to wear suggestive or revealing clothing that diverts attention from the learning process.
    • Students are not to wear sunglasses, caps, coats or hats in the building.  Coats may be worn in breezeway or open areas of the building during inclement weather.  Students are not to wear clothing, outerwear, pins, symbols or insignia of prohibited organizations or street gangs while at school or at any school-related activity.
    • Students are prohibited from wearing the following while on the grounds of a public school during the regular school day and at school sponsored activities and events:


    • No tank tops or underwear as outer garments;
    • No shorts or skirts more than four (4) inches above the knee;
    • No pajamas;
    • No clothing with negative overtones that appear to be derogatory or discriminatory;
    • No clothing or accessories that are profane, suggestive or inflammatory;
    • No shirts or blouses tied at the midriff, clothing with bare midriff, or not properly fastened;
    • No clothing or accessories of prohibited organizations or street gangs;
    • No pants that fall/sag below the waistline;
    • No bandanas, Do Rags or hair bonnets
    • No head coverings (unless for religious reasons); and/or for the purposes of cultural/ethnic celebrations;
    • No clothing that exposes underwear, buttocks or clothing worn as under garments.


    It is suggested that students not wear expensive jewelry or other expensive accessories to school.  It is difficult to recover such items when they are lost.  The local school and/or the Little Rock School District are not responsible for replacing lost or stolen property.