• Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur

    Meet Billy Sure, twelve-year-old inventor and CEO of Sure Things, Inc., and discover all of his wild and wacky inventions in this start to a hilarious middle grade series!

    Everyone is talking about Billy Sure, the twelve-year-old CEO of Sure Things, Inc. and genius inventor of the All Ball, a ball that turns into different sports balls with the push of a button. Now Billy wants to help other kids achieve their inventing dreams just like he has!

    So Billy is hosting an online contest for other kid-inventors to share their inventions, and the winning submission will be produced by his company. Ideas like the Sibling Silencer, No-Wash Socks, and a pencil that does all your work start pouring in. With so many great ideas, how is Billy supposed to pick a winner?

    And that’s not all. Billy also has to keep the secret that could take him from hero to zero in a flash if anyone found out. Can Billy Sure find a way to stay on top of the world and help other kids achieve their dreams at the same time?

    Each book in this series includes Billy’s drawings and doodles of inventions and more!


    One Rock One Book logo January 28, 2021 - LRSD launched its annual reading effort under a new name with a new logo - One Rock One Book.  Through One Rock One Book, all 12,000 elementary students simultaneously read the same book. Community partners pitch in to purchase the books. Families are encouraged to read the books together at home. While at school, students enjoy participating in chapter-themed projects, science experiments and other related activities. This year’s book is "Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur."

    Additional dates will be shared on the District website and social media about upcoming One Rock One Book events.  Parents, students and staff are encouraged to post fun photos and videos sharing their activities related to the book.  Please post to social media using hashtags #LRSD1Rock1Book#BSure2Read#LRSDPowerofUS.


    2021 One Rock One Book - Superintendent Michael Poore introduces 

     - Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur -


    Español Audio


    Chapter 1 - Read by Dr. Jeremy Owoh


    Chapter 2 - Kenny Sure


    Chapter 3 - IJ Routen


    Chapter 4 - Steven Helmick 


    Chapter 5 - Anna Lloyd


    Chapter 6 - The Next Big Thing - Lori Curtis


    Chapter 7 - Motor Beds and Super Sleds - Nate Thomas & Kathleen Pate


    Chapter 8 The Inventor who Became a Zombie - Phillip Carlock


     Chapter 9 - Manny with a Plan - Marsha Masters


    Chapter 10 - Errin Stanger - Deputy Director Arkansas Innovation Hub



    Did you know?

    As a result of LRSD’s advocacy for literacy, the District now serves as a national model, earning LRSD the One District One Book Award in 2018.