COVID Vaccine Information

    Why Immunizations Matter

    Link for Pfizer Vaccine Information: http://www.cvdvaccine.com/

    Link for Moderna Vaccine Information: https://www.modernatx.com/covid19vaccine-eua

    CDC - Benefits of COVID-19 Vaccine



    Dr. Stern - Vaccine Follow Up from CARTI Cancer Center on Vimeo.


    • The Covid Vaccine is recommended but NOT required.
    • The Covid Vaccine is free but your insurance will be billed.
    • Those who have had Covid-19 virus are protected by antibodies for 60 days if it was a mild case, and 90 days if symptoms were prevalent or more severe. When you donate blood you receive a free Covid antibody test, results within 2 weeks.
    • Once the Pfizer vaccine is removed from the freezer it must be used within 5 days. Once the vaccine is reconstituted with diluent it must be used within 6 hours.
    • Allow time after receiving the vaccine for potential allergic reaction; wait 15 minutes on site if you have never had a reaction, 30 minutes if you have reacted to a medication or vaccine previously.