•  Little Rock School District School and Community Resource Directory


    The Little Rock School District presents to you this School, Community, and Social Service Resource Directory. In this directory you will find organizations and service providers for Little Rock School District, Pulaski County, and more. This information has been compiled to provide principals, assistant principals, counselors, social workers, nurses, teachers and other school personnel with a pool of readily accessible information referencing resources available in the district and the greater Little Rock area, as well as other parts of the state, that serve our children, youth and their families.

    This document is not intended to be a complete listing of every community resource, but will provide a list of well-established services and resources available within the greater Little Rock area, and our school district.


    Counseling Department/Student Services Department

    Little Rock School District


    Statewide Community Resources Guide - Pulaski Co.


     2020 - 2021 Revised Resource Directory