• LRSD Supports Military Connected Students


    LRSD supports the children of military families.  If you have concerns or need help with educational transitional issues, please contact LRSD’s Military Educational coordinator by email at LeQuieta.Grayson@lrsd.org or by phone at 501-447-2971.  



    Military Child



    Military Child Facebook Event


    Below is the link to the Month of the Military Child Facebook Event. We will also hold Wednesday Challenges for families and give away prizes, of course these are prizes that are for places on Little Rock AFB and winners must be at least 18 years of age, therefore the parent must claim the prize.


    My hope is that this is able to reach across the state and as many schools participate as possible. Not only does this spread the word regarding MIC3 and the School Liaison Program, it simply connects us together during this trying time which is what we all need at this moment. A little celebration and fun during a difficult time.


    Please share the link and do what you do best!