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    Little Rock Vet Center

    Provides outpatient counseling for combat veterans and veterans who have experienced sexual trauma while in the military and their families as well as family members whose active duty service member passed away.  This allows us to provide individual and family therapy sessions for the minor children of these veterans as well.  All services are free and there are no limits on the numbers or frequencies of sessions that the veterans or family members can receive. 

    They also meet with any active duty service member or veteran or their family members up to 3 times to assess and help with a referral even if they don’t meet the criteria for services by means of being a combat veteran or having experienced MST. 

    They are located on the campus of the North Little Rock VA but are getting a new office built to suite on Shackleford Rd. in Little Rock.  They plan to move to the new location at the end of October or first of November.

    2200 Fort Roots Dr.
    North Little Rock, AR 72114
    Telephone: 501-918-1800
    Fax: 501-918-1815


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