Pulaski Heights Elementary School Climate Survey 2019-2020

  • 1.      In what grade/grades do you have a child/children at PHE? 

    o       K                    

    o       1

    o       2

    o       3

    o       4

    o       5 

    2.      I feel welcomed and appreciated when I come to PHE 

    o       Strongly Agree

    o       Agree

    o       Neutral

    o       Disagree

    o       Strongly Disagree 

    3.      I believe there are things I can do to help my child’s teacher or school. 

    o       Strongly Agree

    o       Agree

    o       Neutral

    o       Disagree

    o       Strongly Disagree

    4.      The list below contains some of the school or school related events/meetings that occur at PHE. Please check all events you attended last year

    o       I did not attend any events because I’m new to PHE

    o       Book Fair

    o       Parent/Teacher Conferences

    o       Open House

    o       Field Trips

    o       Student Assemblies

    o       PTA Meeting

    o       Jog-a-thon

    o    Fall Carnival

    o    Field Day

    o    Graduation

    o Performances/musicals/awards

    5. Which of the following times are best for you or your family to attend a school event? (Please check all that apply.) 

    o       7-9 a.m.

    o       3-5 p.m.

    o       9a.m. to noon

    o       5-7 p.m.

    o       Noon to 1 p.m.

    o       7-8 p.m.

    o       1-3 p.m.

    6. What do you think about the amount of homework your child has each night? 

    o       Too little

    o       Too much

    o       The correct amount

    7. How often do you listen to your child read at home? 

    o       Often (nightly)

    o       3-5 days a week

    o       1 day a week

    o       Never

    8. What kinds of programs would you like the school to offer to you or your family

    o       Family literacy

    o       Health and nutrition

    o       Computer training

    o       Homework help

    o       Child development and parenting skills

    o       Writing workshop

    o       Math

    o       Parenting skills 

    9. Please list comments or suggestion on how the school can better connect with families.



    You may return this survey to your child’s teacher at the office.