School Focus:

  • Rockefeller Elementary School & Early Childhood Center is a technology school.  Classrooms integrate a school-wide technology theme as a part of instruction.  Tools used in the classroom include SMART Boards, iPad Lab, iPads for classroom learning stations, a mobile laptop cart, computer centers, ebooks, Accelerated Reader, Reflex Math and many software programs that support student learning goals.  Students also participate in a weekly technology lesson in the computer lab or in the iPad lab, as well as a Teacher Directed Lab lesson each week.  Students learn to research, create multimedia content, write papers, use graphics and design to explain ideas and concepts, and use digital resources such as ebooks, electronic maps and models to reinforce core instruction.  

    Rockefeller Elementary School & Early Childhood Center is also a part of the A+ School Network.  The Thea Foundation’s Arkansas A+ Schools Network is rooted in a teaching philosophy that values the arts in education and is modeled after the research-based A+ networks in North Carolina and Oklahoma. The A+ Schools Program is touted as the nation’s most successful arts-based, whole-school reform model.

    Through the use of technology and the arts students are engaged in learning. 

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