• Rockefeller Early Childhood Center has four P3 classes and four P4 classes that are funded through the Arkansas Better Chance program. Each class has a certified teacher and trained assistant working full time with the children. We are very proud of our staff and facilities and provide excellent care and learning opportunities for all of our students. To register of the P3/P4 program, please call the LRSD Early Childhood office for details, 501-447-7360.

    We also have a paid program for children 6 weeks to 2 years old with a maximum capacity of 29 children. Our centeer is the only early childhood  program for these ages in Arkansas located in a public school. Spaces in the program are in high demand, we handle enrollment and the waiting list on site at the school.  

    Enrollment to both programs are based on the child’s age on August 1st of the coming school year.

    Rockefeller EC Center Infant, Toddler, and 2 Year Old Classes


    There are fees to attend the Infant, Toddler, and 2 Year Old Classes

    • $33.00 daily/$165.00 weekly for children up to 18 months of age
    • $31.00 daily/$155.00 weekly for children 18 months and older
    • DHS vouchers are accepted

    Class Placement

    Based on a child’s development, maturity, age, and available space in each age category, children may be reassigned through the year in the Infant/Toddler, and P2 program.

    Prekindergarten (P3) Application

    Children are not eligible to move into the P3 program at the beginning of a school year until they are 3 on or before Aug. 1st.

    Children who attend Rockefeller Early Childhood in the P2 program may apply for the P3 program with income restrictions waived and are given priority in the Rockefeller P3 placement. All children must complete and submit P3 applications within Open Registration for placement in the P3 program.

    *Assignment to the Rockefeller Early Childhood Center does not guarantee assignment to Rockefeller for Kindergarten.

    Please call, email, or come by the school for more information. We are here to serve or students and families.