Nashville Auto-Diesel College

  • Nashville Auto-Diesel College and Metropolitan have established an articualtion agreement for credit-by-examination for technical courses in the program areas of Automotive Service Technology, Automotive Body Repair Technology, and Diesel Technology.  The student must have:

    1.  Successfully completed the common course content and exit competencies;
    2.  Meet all Nashville Auto-Diesel College admissions and be officially enrolled at the college.

    This credit is applied toward ASE Certification and/or the Associate of Applied Scioence Degree of Auto-Diesel Technology and Auto Body Repair Technology.  Students seeking the associate degree must also complete the academics course content, which consists of six classes:

    1. General Mathematics--60 clock hours
    2. English Composition--60 clock hours
    3. Fundamentals of Speech--45 clock hours
    4. General Psychology--45 clock hours
    5. American Government--45 clock hours
    6 Economics--45 clock hours

Automotive Service Technology--Diploma Program

Diesel Technology--Diploma Program

Automotive Body Repair Technology--Diploma Program