Adopt a Family

  • The Little Rock School District serves many homeless families living temporarily in homeless shelters, welfare hotels and motels, with family or friends, or other transitional housing situations. The families often have many needs which can range from minimal to very great. In addition, the length of their homeless status varies from brief to long-term.

    Opting to adopt a family through the Little Rock School District Homeless Education Program can mean one-time assistance or ongoing assistance during the family's homeless status. The assistance is dependent upon the family's needs. Items of food, clothing, bedding, and furnishings are most common. Money is never given. The most recent example was a single mother with children who needed winter clothing for her kids. A local church adopted the family by providing the kids and the mother with clothing and non-perishable foods.

    For more information on Adopt-A-Family, contact 447-2988.