The New Requirements of the Arkansas Civics Exam

  • Exam Details:

    • It is an online assessment offered in the Moodle portal.
    • It is approximately 60-90 minutes.
    • It is multiple choice.
    • It must be taken during school hours.
    • Students may retake the test as many times as necessary to pass.
    • Any district employee may administer the test.
    • Accommodations are available and allowed.
    • Test administrator training is inside the Moodle portal.
    • You may select anyone to serve as the test coordinator for this assessment.  It does not have to be the current test coordinator for other state assessments. 

    Some facts for us:

    • Beginning in February 2018, districts must use the Moodle portal to administer the Arkansas Civics Exam.
    • Beginning in 2018-2019, no student (unless exempt) may graduate from Arkansas public schools without passing the Arkansas Civics Exam.
    • Students are required to take and pass the Arkansas Civics Exam with at least a 60% in order to graduate. 
    • Students with an IEP may be exempt from this exam if the IEP team decides the accommodations are not sufficient for the student to access the assessment.
    • Currently, though this is a naturalization test, students are not able to use the Arkansas Civics Exam as application for citizenship. 


    In an effort to give our students the best opportunity to pass the exam and to comply with state law, we will set the window for the first Arkansas Civics Exam from March 26-30, 2018, for grade 11 students. 

    We will set the window for the second Arkansas Civics Exam from May 14-25, 2018.  This window will be for grade 11 students who failed in March and for 9th grade students.

    A preset window is being established for the 2018-2019 school year and will be shared.  Communication to parents regarding this new requirement will be important.  The LRSD will provide a document for parents prior to the March assessment.