Communications and Customer Service

  • LRSD is committed to conveying information in a thoughtful, clear, and concise method through multiple channels. Communications affects all areas of the educational process and is accomplished through many forms: parent-teacher interaction; presentations to local community groups; training of
    staff, interaction with media; posting of information on district website; and use of social media. The intent of effective communication is to achieve understanding through clear and concise sharing of information, responsiveness to feedback from stakeholders, and outstanding customer service. Each
    person who comes into contact with the school district is a target audience, including but not limited to: students, parents, staff, Board members, residents, media, elected officials, civic groups and alumni. All employees must strive to interact with our stakeholders in a positive manner. Improved
    communications and customer service create a welcoming atmosphere that promotes ongoing opportunities for developing and maintaining partnerships.  LRSD is committed to responding to concerns and inquiries in a positive, professional, and respectful manner.