Planning, Research and Evaluation

  • The Planning, Research, and Evaluation Department (PRE) supports the mission of the Little Rock School District by:

    • Assessing programs
    • Providing data for ACSIPs
    • Consulting with schools about data uses for ACSIPs
    • Overseeing state-mandated testing
    • Reporting on performance of other district activities
    • Surveying customers
    • Providing professional development to administrators and teachers
    • Managing documentation
    • Storing testing data

    PRE also manages special projects as assigned.

    The current members of the PRE staff consists of:

    • Dr. Karen DeJarnette, Director  447-6455
    • Maurecia Robinson, Statistician  447-3382
    • Julia Chears-Young, Statistician  447-3322


    IRC (Instructional Resource Center)
    3001 S. Pulaski
    (off M.L. King Drive, just south of Roosevelt)
    Little Rock, AR  72206