• AMI - Inclement Weather Alternative Home Learning Activities


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    Dear LRSD Families,

    This year the Little Rock School District was approved by the state to provide alternative home learning activities for up to 5 inclement weather days. The alternative home learning activities will allow students to continue their instruction when school is closed for inclement weather.

    Districts that have an Arkansas Department of Education approved plan in place to provide alternative home learning will not have to make up days (up to 5) during which school is closed for inclement weather. Little Rock School District has constructed a two-part plan that consists of an online or offline option for alternative home learning in case of inclement weather. By providing both an online and offline option, all students are provided instructional materials to use in the event that school is closed due to inclement weather. Your school will inform you regarding which method you will be using. Please review the two methods below:

    *Online Option (Requires Internet) - On a day when school is closed for inclement weather, the student will log in to the online learning platform called ClassLink http://myclasslink.com/lrsd and then look for an app called "It's Learning" or to another specific site(s) given to the student by his/her home school and review/complete the instructional activities for the day posted by the teacher.

    Student Username is the student ID number.

    Student password consists of the birthday and the first initial of first name capitalized in this order: (YYYYMMDD)


    Ex. John Smith student ID 123456

    Ex. John Smith birthday 5/13/2019 password would be 20190513J  (For single digit month or day add a zero). Ex. 05 instead of just 5

    Classlink Login Example

    Username: 123456

    Password: 20190513J

    For more information on Classlink, please click here

    Offline Option (No Internet Required) - On a day when school is closed for inclement weather, the student will complete one day’s worth of instructional materials (for each day the student is out) as outlined in the learning activities packet sent home by the school. The packet may contain multiple days of work with each day designated on the material. All work is due within five days of returning to school.

    What to do on Inclement Weather Days

    Just like at school, on Inclement Weather days, all kindergarten through twelfth grade students should:

    • Complete an instructional day’s worth of alternative instructional activities via the online or offline option as outlined above.
    • Turn in all completed work within five days of returning to school.

    Remember, school closing information is posted to the Little Rock School District website and social media, shared through local news outlets, and relayed via the Blackboard (ParentLink) notification system.

    * Note - if your internet goes down, you will have to use the offline option. If you have questions, please contact your child’s school.